VCP for Hire eBook by Joe

Vmware Vcp For HireIf you’re an IT Manager looking for the easy way to make sure your vSphere or any other type of virtualization of cloud infrastructure is built correctly, it starts with building the right team.

I wrote VCP for Hire as a guide for IT Managers who are looking for help building a virtualization team.

I’ll be the first to admit when I started managing my first virtualization team, I thought I knew all about VMware and the type of staff and expertise I would need to maintain a large robustĀ enterpriseĀ virtual environment – wrong!

Wake Up Call!

Little did I know how fast I wouldĀ realizeĀ I was wrong. Being a virtualization engineer did not prepare me for how quickly our vSphere environment would grow and how many different skill sets it really world take to sustain the growth and handle all the operational tasks.

I thought my own experience as a systems administrator and VMware engineer were enough to help me keep the boat floating. NOT!

Between, standardization, consolidations, automation and daily growth, updates and changes, I found it to be an enormous job leading and managing all the staff required to support over nearly 600 ESXi hosts and more than 7000 VMs that were spanned across 3 countries, 2 states and 7 data centers .

VCP for Hire is a guide that will give you the shortcuts and keys from the lessons I learned.

  • VMware Interview Questions
  • VMware Engineer and Administrator Job Descriptions
  • VMware Roles andĀ Responsibilities
  • Different types of Virtual Environments
  • Things to Avoid
  • Team Dynamics
  • Advice

For the price of a meal at Subway all this and much more can be found in this easy to read guide. Check out VCP for Hire on Amazon…

P.S. If you don’t find any value in VCP for Hire you can return it to Amazon for a full refund.

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