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Best Vmware Vsphere Training For Beginners

(Updated to version 6.7 – 7.x)

Are you looking for a better job – something more interesting to do with your life?

In the VMware vSphere Training below, you’ll learn the valuable skills required for real VMware jobs.

And because it’s online you can save time and focus on what really matters.

With this training, you can accelerate your career by jumping ahead of the competition.

If you noticed the graph below, entry-level salary ranges for VMware Admins continue going up.

But don’t wait! Get started with step-by-step videos that will quickly develop your vSphere Admin skills today.

And it’s all 100% subscription free – pay once per course and then watch the videos over and over, as many times as you want.

I wish it was this easy for me…

When I was getting started, the only way to learn a new technology was to buy books or spend $5000 on vendor training.

Those days are gone and now for almost the price of a pizza, you can get high-quality video training from hands-on experts who take you step by step through every important aspect of whatever technology you’re learning.

Better yet, you can learn anywhere via your mobile device, a tablet, or a desktop computer. That’s a game-changer!

Your VMware Success Begins with the First Video

Now, it’s easy to succeed by learning the right technology. Here’s what I mean…

SysAdmins with solid virtualization skills are important and their salary is still increasing year over year!

VMware Admin Salary Graph from SimplyHired – Earn More!

Best Vmware Vsphere Training For Beginners

Wow, even beginner vSphere administrators make an excellent salary!

The Benefits of this VMware vSphere Training

  • Save Time by Focusing on What Really Matters – Add the necessary skills required for real VMware jobs.
  • Accelerate Your Career by Jumping Ahead – Entry-level salary ranges for VMware Admins continue going up.
  • Skip Wasting Money on the Wrong Training – Start with VMware vSphere training and level up from there.
  • Quickly Develop Your vSphere Admin Skills – Watch 89 step-by-step videos that guide you through every stage.
  • 100% Subscription Free – Pay once per course and then watch the videos over and over, as many times as you want.

This is a perfect starting place to start if you’re new or just beginning…

Best Vmware Vsphere Training For BeginnersWhat VMware Training should I take first?

Easy, vSphere is your starting point!

vSphere consists of the server hardware that hosts the virtual machines.

But what’s interesting is behind vSphere is not only virtual machine hosting but also the role of managing virtual and physical storage and networks.

There’s a lot to learn once you start digging into vSphere. At a minimum, you should be able to set up vSphere from scratch, which includes several ESXi hosts, vCenter, storage, and networking.

These are the basics that will allow the creation and administration of virtual machines. Then from vSphere, you can level up your practical skills to vSAN, NSX, and software-defined data center.

This sounds pretty easy, right?

I was a help desk tech when I started, and since then, I’ve helped build and support almost a 1000 ESX hosts and nearly 10,000 VMs. I’ve remotely managed vSphere environments around the world and you can too with the right training…

Now let’s talk about VMware video training.

Most of what I’ve learned has been self-taught, and there was a time when I wore my VCP CERT as a badge of honor. I even wrote and published a Kindle book called VCP for Hire.

To get the CERT I had to attend a unique course only offered by VMware – otherwise, even if I passed the test, it wouldn’t count because my class wasn’t the “Official” VMware brand.

BTW, this requirement hasn’t changed, but let me be honest about vSphere and certifications.

You don’t need a VCP6 CERT to become a vSphere administrator. Nor do you need to attend unique courses costing $4,000 for a one-week boot camp.

Video TrainingLook:

If you want, you can download a trial version of vSphere and set up a lab for almost free.

And there are plenty of YouTube videos available to get you started.

But if you want more than just scratching the surface, then I recommend spending a few dollars on Udemy and getting a full step-by-step vSphere video course that will give you vSphere skills that’ll help you to land a “Monster” VMware Administrator job.

Even if you’re just handling daily operations tasks on the virtual machines, you’re still learning valuable vSphere skills. But that’s ok because before I ever installed ESXi, I got good at installing and supporting VMware WorkStation and building virtual machines in a lab.

On Udemy you can find online video courses for all VMware products. And these videos are created by people with real experience.

  1. Do you want to learn how to set up vSphere, YES, there are videos?
  2. Do you want to learn how to set up NSX, YES, there are videos?
  3. Do you want to learn how to set up and configure vCenter, YES, there are videos?

Yes, there’s a video course title for all of the above!

VMware Training Videos

Everything You Need To Learn So You Can Earn More

VMware vSphere Administration (updated to version 6.7 – 7.x)

Read 100s of Reviews

 Let’s look at the list of “Bestselling” VMware learning you can get on Udemy:

As you can see, any VMware technology you want to learn about has a complete step-by-step video series.

You can get low-cost VMware training for any product VMware offers.

And best of all these are high-quality videos that take you step-by-step through setting up vSphere.

Udemy is perfect for beginners with a Go-Getter desire to learn on a small budget.

My Udemy account is loaded with video course titles about vSphere, DevOps, MySQL, scripting, big data, and more…

I’m always watching for the deals and investing in my future because I won’t always be growing and learning new skills.

You never know what new opportunities are around the corner.

Are you in a help desk job or just out of school and you don’t have experience?

Do you want to learn how to set up and manage vSphere and get promoted from the help desk or tech support to SysAdmin?

You can move up, but you need to keep adding new skills that are in demand so you get noticed by hiring managers.

I was in the very same place when I started, but I had to spend thousands of dollars on my VMware training because Udemy didn’t exist back then. How lucky you are!

Today on Udemy you can get started in a few minutes learning the newest version of vSphere by a seasoned professional.

Then, if you want to get certified, you can pay for the official VMware course and the test will be easier to pass because you’re not starting from zero if you’ve been watching Udemy training videos.

Sample Video by Rick Crisci – VMware vSphere Concepts


Virtual Machine (VM) Disk Types - VMware vSphere Training Transcript
In this video we’ll take a look at the virtual disk options that are available for virtual machines and we do have a few different options. When it comes to VM disks so just like memory and CPU, the virtual machine doesn’t really have any storage hardware; doesn’t have any actual disks. It’s accessing a shared resource and in that case, this resource is called the datastore so Windows or whatever our guest operating system needs to see what it believes the storage hardware. So we’ll trick our guest operating system by providing it drivers for a virtual scuzzy controller so in this case, we have a Windows VM. And when the Windows needs to read or write data it’s going to issue SCSI commands and those scuzzy commands will be sent to the virtual SCSI controller from there the storage commands hit our ESXi host. They hit our hypervisor and they’re redirected towards the appropriate VMDK for this virtual machine. So here we see a SCSI command flowing out of the Windows virtual machine hitting the storage adapter and arriving at the datastore. Now there are some options for the virtual disk itself and the most common choice is to use a thin provisioned disk right so let’s assume that this virtual machine is created with an 80 gig virtual disk but it only has 40 gigabytes of actual data. Well, this means that only 40 gigabytes of space is actually used on the datastore and that’s the big benefit of a thin provisioned disk is it is very space-efficient. A thick provisioned disk is different when you create a thick provision disk all of that space is immediately consumed as soon as it’s allocated so a thin provisioned disk saves space and it’s very efficient a thick provision disk allocates 100 percent of the space up front and before that space can be used all the blocks must have zeros written to them. The process of writing these zeros can impact applications that write a lot of data like database virtual machines. Now thin-provisioned disks zero out these blocks on demand so they zero them out when the application needs them and therefore those virtual disks won’t perform as well as an eager zero to disk. Well, an eager zero disk has zeros written to it upfront at the moment that virtual disk is created so they won’t have to complete that zeroing operation as the application is trying to utilize new space. And so for this reason thick provisioned eager zeroed VMs are recommended for virtual machines with write-intensive workloads such as database virtual machines.


I guarantee you’ll find video online training for something you want to learn. So go ahead and dive in and start learning vSphere.

Where To Get Online VMware Training?

Our pick for vSphere training

VMware Learning The NEW Way…

Best Vmware Vsphere Training For Beginners

You Can SAVE $4000 When You Use UdemyOnline Training

The perfect vSphere learning option to get you started toward a higher-paying career. Click the button below to see all the affordable VMware training options you’ll have on Udemy.

  • Easy to sign up (Pay with PayPal)
  • Keep the course you pay for forever (Never Expires)
  • Log in and learn anytime you want (On-Demand)
  • Classes are frequently updated with new materials
  • Interact with instructor and students
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Read course reviews before you buy
  • Watch sample videos for Free

Other FAQs

  • Does Udemy charge a monthly subscription fee? No
  • Does Udemy charge when courses are updated with new content? No
  • What is Udemy? Udemy is an educational service that offers lessons taught by real-world professionals on just about any topic. 
  • Can I cancel my Udemy account if I don’t like it? Yes, and you can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up for a course.
  • Does Udemy have a mobile app? Yes, you can download the mobile app for Android and Apple phones.
  • Does Udemy offer any discounts? Yes, on occasion you can find holiday and special discount prices on most courses.
  • Does Udemy offer corporate accounts? Yes, click the button to read more…

 Still Not Sure Which VMware Training Is Best For You? 

Unless you plan to get your VCP certification right away, then the BEST Value for VMware learning is on Udemy.

You can learn vSphere and then level up your skills to vSAN, NSX, Horizon, and Software-Defined Data Center.

You’ll quickly build new skills that will open new opportunities and increase your salary.

I also recommend you read my guide to the best DevOps training and follow the step-by-step system I created for customizing a definitive training plan…

Best Vmware Vsphere Training For BeginnersUpdated Daily: 307 vSphere Courses, Starting at $19.99

Or you can pay $4,125

Learn VMware vSphere. 100% Risk-Free.


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