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Free DevOps eBook (The Handbook For Beginners)

shades of devopsDeliver GREAT Services!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from all the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, it’s Deliver Great Services and people will be happy!

So if there’s anything I hope you take away from reading the lessons I’ve shared on VM install, it’s this – Deliver GREAT Services!

Fixing the problem.

For far too long IT folks have focused way too much on technology and not enough on the service or customer. But this strategy doesn’t work anymore…

That’s why a few years ago I started focusing my efforts on learning how to truly build and deliver GREAT services. I even created the Think Service First Series because of what I learned, which is:

It’s less about technology and more about listening…

Focus on Results

What are the results I am referring too?

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  • Build great [services] that empower people who serve the customers.
  • And in many cases, building great [services] that are used directly by the customer.

Both are the result of focusing on the bigger picture, which means listening to people (customers) and ignoring your inner-tech.

My mindset changed long ago…

For a few years I’ve been writing about ITIL and DevOps because I was involved in rolling out both strategies. And frankly speaking, neither is easy to get going.

So to help my community, I’ve decided to take many of the posts I’ve written and turn them into a Free DevOps eBook.

  • Maybe you’re ready to give up?
  • Or maybe you just need some ideas to get you started?
  • Or maybe you’ve heard all the horror stories?
  • Or maybe you just want some advice?
  • Or maybe you just can’t find anything worth reading?

I can relate and hopefully something in the free eBook will help you.

Here’s the truth.

Is my DevOps eBook perfect? Not even close! But it does have insight into what you can do and expect.

For example, here’s a few important topics I cover:

  • Hang-ups holding back many IT organizations. (If anything, read part 2)
  • Don’t get hung-up on finding the perfect plan.
  • And fail-fast.

Good Luck!

I really hope you enjoy reading Shades of DevOps.

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