1st eBook Gets Published on Amazon Kindle: VCP For Hire

Vmware Vcp Resume TipsI’m excited to announce the publishing of my first eBook on Amazon Kindle, VCP For Hire!

VCP For Hire has been a work in progress for a while now and I’m glad it’s finally released. I’ve taken a slightly different angle on writing a VMware book and focused on the talent rather than the technical how-to’s.

Don’t Erase This Whiteboard!

Months after Andy had moved on; the vision of his ideal virtual environment was still drawn on the whiteboard he had given to another teammate. In the upper right corner written in red marker were the words “Don’t erase this whiteboard!”

 Andy was a “Rock Star” Virtualization Engineer that everyone, including me respected. This whiteboard had a vision of the perfect vSphere virtual environment, and we wanted to keep it around as a guide until someone else could whiteboard a better design.

Experience Makes the Difference

Having an experienced virtualization team makes up for all the issues you will face while building and supporting a VMware vSphere Infrastructure.

Here’s the description as detailed on Amazon:

It’s Written by a Veteran vSphere Virtual Infrastructure Manager, this eBook is the “first” dedicated guide for managers who are recruiting & hiring VCP talent for the first time. 

It details important keys every manager should know to help them choose the best possible virtualization talent that can get their vSphere Virtual Infrastructure to the next level and keep it there.

• A manager’s guide for screening VCP talent and choosing the most experienced candidate.
• Covers the different challenges managers face in small, medium, or large vSphere virtual environments.
• Explains in detail the different roles and responsibilities required to build a complete virtualization team from virtualization engineers and administrators.
• Breaks down the skills and expertise required to perform different daily virtualization engineering and operational tasks based on job roles.
• Provides a framework of information you can create a VMware job description from.
• Includes detailed VMware interview questions specifically written for screening through VCP candidates to find the most real-world experience.

Let “VCP for Hire: A Manager’s Guide for Hiring vSphere Virtualization Engineers and Administrators” be a guide for setting your virtualization team and infrastructure apart from the rest.

You can get a copy on Amazon or read more about  -> VCP For Hire

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