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Do You Want To Learn Docker?

Ever wondered why Docker is so popular in the DevOps community? Why Docker is the go-to container deployment tool? The answer is easy: because it is fast and easy to use, especially for beginners.

In a minute I’ll tell you where to find the best Docker training, but first, let’s see if you can relate to my outdated skills story…

I’ve been in IT for over 20 years. And most of that time I’ve had to support applications that are deployed on servers. In all my time as a systems admin, I’ve never had to deal with a mainframe computer. But I’ve spent a lot of time unboxing and setting up towers and rack-mounted server hardware. I also got really good with VMware and spent years specializing in supporting virtual servers.

Join the Docker Revolution

But just like virtualization and cloud technology disrupted the norm more than a decade ago, today Docker containers are the new trend for deploying applications on-premise and in the cloud. And, Docker is the new disrupter. But up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t have any Docker skills to speak of which made me feel vulnerable because most of the good jobs I saw showing up on Dice and LinkedIn want Docker skills. But I’d let my skills get outdated, which sucks because I always want to be ready for my next job move – if you know what I mean?

My problem wasn’t learning new Docker skills, it was knowing where to start learning Docker

When I searched on YouTube for Docker videos, it was overwhelming how many videos I found. Sure, there are a lot of videos about Docker containers to watch but they’re not in any order that makes sense and I hate all hyped-up get-rich-fast advertisements that are embedded in free Docker training videos.

And, if the ads aren’t bad enough, all the videos I watched skipped straight to dealing with containers using a command line. And that’s not what I’m used to doing. I’ve had some Linux training but look, I’ve spent the last 20 years logging into Windows or vCenter and doing all my work from a GUI using mouse clicks. Imagine how I felt trying to follow a YouTube video showing a command-line with ads popping up every few minutes while I’m trying to set up a test Linux VM and install Docker so I can teach myself Docker basics. Yes, you read that right and you can probably relate with me…

What’s the Best Docker Training Online?

After realizing that learning Docker was going to take more than watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to research where I could get the best Docker training online. I checked out all the popular sites such as CBT Nuggets, PluralSight, and LinkedIn Learning but they all required a month-to-month or yearly subscription. Then I found some really good Docker training courses on Udemy that cover all the top tools admins use for building and supporting containers.

What I like most about Udemy is a lot of their top-rated Docker courses are taught by real system admins or engineers who have hands-on experience. The trainers in the videos (see the sample video below) cover containers from a real-world view.

Learn from real people who are expert users of Docker technology.

I also like that I can review the videos to see if I like the instructor before I enroll in the course. For example, if you only want a trainer who speaks clear English with a British accent, then screen the sample videos until you find the perfect trainer for your taste. Best of all, Udemy literally has Docker training for any student level, from beginners to advanced levels.

Docker Online Training Videos…

I didn’t think I was going to like Udemy. But after reviewing a lot of their training courses and using the service for a couple of years now, I can say – they’re great! I really like their Docker online training videos and recommend you check them out too. Especially if you’re like me – worried about getting left behind because your skills are outdated and you don’t have any Docker container skills. Serious, once you see all the Docker training courses, you’ll understand what I mean. Here’s the link for you to check them out.

As I start to wrap up, I hope this review has helped you find what you were looking for so you can start learning how to deploy Docker containers soon. It only took me a couple of hours before I had my Docker server set up. I remember my first container the lab I set up for WordPress using Apache, Php, and MySQL.

I admit I was reluctant to learn Docker because I don’t like the command line. But after setting up my Docker lab and going through a few of the step-by-step video lessons from my Docker training course, as well as reading Docker Books, I realized how easy it is to learn to manage containers for someone like me with years of technical experience. It all makes sense why companies are switching from VMs to containers. And you can learn Docker too. Watch this sample Docker training video that’s featured in a Udemy course.

Udemy Learning Docker Video Sample

Mastering Docker Step by Step

With Udemy, when I don’t understand, I just watch the video over and over until I figured it out – there’s no extra charge and I can watch the videos until I master each step. Plus, when I get stuck, there’s a forum where I post my questions to the instructor and the community for help, anyone can try to help answer my question.

The best part about Udeny is I don’t pay a monthly subscription.

When I bought my training lessons, Udemy was having a special and I only paid $12.99 for each of my Docker training courses. After 2 years, I have 100s of training videos in my library that I can watch anytime I want that teach me Docker, DevOps, VMware, and Machine Learning. I love not having to pay a monthly subscription or dealing with get-rich scam advertisements on Youtube.

In summary, the best way to learn Docker is to jump right in and try it. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall Docker. The best-case scenario is that you’ll learn a whole new skill and help make your IT career more exciting than ever before.

Docker Training FAQ:

What are Docker training topics?

Docker training topics are:

  • Introduction to Containers (Docker)
  • Docker Commands
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker networking
  • Docker Security
  • Docker Storage
  • Build Your First Docker Image
  • Building Images with Tags & Repositories
  • Deploying Docker Registry Server
  • Orchestrating Containers with Compose Files & Machine Managed Services
  • Deploying Docker application

What is the best Docker training for beginners?

There are a number of online resources that can help you. However, the best Docker training for beginners I recommend is from Udemy.

What are Docker certifications?

There are a couple of Docker certifications. However, Docker Certified Engineer (DCE) is a globally recognized credential of the Docker ecosystem. DCE certification covers all aspects of container orchestration, development, and deployment in modern ecosystems with Docker. The DCE program also includes advanced knowledge in containers and APIs like Kubernetes and Mesos.

How many days it will take to learn Docker?

How many days it will take to learn Docker depends on you. If you have a background in Linux, then it will take less than 30 days to grasp the fundamentals.

Is it better to learn Docker or Kubernetes?

Learn both. The best way to learn is to first get comfortable with the command-line interface (CLI) and Dockerfile before moving on to Kubernetes.

Is it worth getting Docker certification?

If you’re wondering if it’s worth getting Docker certification, the answer is Yes. There are exams for individuals who want to certify their skills in Docker. The basic exam to get you certified is available under the name of Certified Associate Administrator (CA). It’s a 2-hour online test which costs $250.

What are the Prerequisites for learning Docker?

The Prerequisites for learning Docker are a basic understanding of the Linux operating system, networking, and the command line.

Is learning Docker worth it?

Yes, learning Docker is totally worth it. It’s a very powerful tool, and you can use it for so many things. I’m still learning how to use it effectively on my own projects, but I think that once I get more comfortable with the basics, there will be no limit to what I’ll be able to do with this tool!

Start Learning Docker Today…

Once you’ve had a chance to review all the courses, please share the best Docker training you picked in the comments below…

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