The Best Automation Training Video Courses (DevOps Tools)

Continuous Integration ToolsWhen I was just starting out as a Jr SysAdmin, I recall many times getting impatient and installing new software in a rush only to find out…drats – I needed to take care of 2 or 3 prerequisites or the installation would crash.

I know you’re probably not like me but honestly, my impatience often caused me to have to wipe systems I built and start over with a clean OS install, wasting hours of precious time in the process. The best automation training sure would have come in handle back then…

Don’t Learn DevOps Automation The Hard Way!

Over the years I’ve learned many lessons the hard way which has made me smarter.

Now I plan software deployments because I don’t want the painful task of reinstalling from scratch.

Do you want to know something?

DevOps automation is no different, and it takes trial and error to get experience using continuous integration tools.

And do you want to know something else?

The next best way to get smarter without experiencing the pain I just spoke of is to get step-by-step automation training from an expert!

Nowadays Udemy is where I go first for video training on everything.

I wanted to learn more about automation tools, so I purchased the Udemy course, Learn DevOps: Continuously Deliver Better Softwaretaught by an expert with real-world experience.

On Udemy not only am I getting the training that makes me Indispensable, but I also get expert advice via the forum.

And unlike most online training platforms, Udemy is on-demand training, so I only pay for what I use, and then it’s mine to view anytime I want, without monthly subscriptions.

Best Automation Training

The DevOps course I purchased was $17 (30% discount) and has 73 lectures with 4.5 hours of video that covers:

  • Ho to apply DevOps skills in your Team
  • Understand Continuous Delivery
  • Automate the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Automate the Deployment Process
  • Reduce Release Time
  • Release Better Software
  • Build a Highly Available and Fully Scalable Application
  • Deploy Microservices using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Automate using Ansible and Chef
  • Continuous Integration Tools
  • Release Automation Tools

This is a fantastic round-up of lessons that all relate to the key topic of DevOps. But who teaches the course, right?

Edward Viaene, is a DevOps, Cloud, Big Data Specialist with 10+ years of experience. And the course has a 4 out of 5-star rating with 2900 students enrolled.

Click the play button to watch the sample video about DevOps tools…

How to become a DevOps Engineer?

At VMinstall I get comments all the time from visitors asking me how they can become a DevOps Engineer or where they can get DevOps Training Courses.

Now I can refer my guests to Udemy DevOps training courses because Udemy has changed the learning game.

I remember years ago when I started looking for training on VMware vSphere, and the only place to get good training was from VMware, $5,000 for a 3-5 day course.

Right now on Udemy, you can pick almost any topic, and for less than 2 movie tickets and popcorn, you can get hours of video training as well as interact directly with a subject matter expert is probably the most advanced online learning management system that exists. You can’t beat that!

I’m done scrounging for free training videos on YouTube!

DevOps Automation Training Courses for Beginners

Here are the DevOps training courses I promised you…and there are even more to review on Udemy.

  1. Jenkins Bootcamp: Fully Automate Builds Through Deployment, 69 lectures, 2.5 hours of video $20
  2. Vagrant Up! Comprehensive development system automation, 45 lectures, 4.5 hours of video $25
  3. The Docker for DevOps Course: From development to production, 110 Lectures, 7.5 hours of video $25
  4. Mastering Ansible, 55 lectures, 5 hours of video $25
  5. Learning Puppet, 344 lectures, 3.5 hours of video $50


Unlike most online training platforms, with Udemy there’s no monthly membership clock ticking down, so there’s no pressure to hurry through the training. And each course in the Udemy catalog has sample videos so you can preview the instructor and content before paying for the class. BTW, you can also review comments left on the 5-star rating system.

I’m happy so far with the lectures I’ve already watched on my “Learn DevOps: Continuously Deliver Better Software” course.  Bang! Edward starts step 1 by provisioning VMs, which is why I harp on making sure virtual infrastructure automation works when planning for DevOps.

Just a quick note, I did notice that many of the comments that were not 5 stars were from people expecting more than an introduction to all the continuous integration tools Edward reviews.

My suggestion is this. If you’re not looking for a high-level introduction on DevOps or continuous delivery then don’t waste your time or money taking this course, dive right into the more in-depth topics I noted above, or search Udemy for something else that meets your training requirements. And there are plenty more DevOps training courses to choose from that cover cloud, containers, and software development. Udemy is a gold mine…

Get The Edge And Learn Automation Skills Today!

Edward reviews Git, Vagrant, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes which are all on the DevOps Toolchain, however, please note that not every shop is using all these tools the same way.


I also like how Edward compares Ansible with Chef in the video above and reviews the Pros and Cons of each DevOps tool, definitely a good thing for beginners to know upfront.


The best benefit of all – you can customize your DevOps training to fit your specific use case. I already have 60 courses in my Udemy account covering topics such as VMware vSphere 6, WordPress Speed Optimization, Writing eBooks, DevOps, and everything in between.


I believe in investing in my training, especially if it gives me the edge and helps me become Indispensable. In today’s world, there’s plenty of average Joes’ and Janes, ‘ but businesses need people with the specialty skills mentioned above. People with these unique capabilities are rare…



If you want to get ahead, then start doing something about it.



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