VMworld 2012 Booth Recommendations

Help VMworldAre you overwhelmed with all the choices to choose from for your first VMworld Conference?

I won’t be making VMworld 2012 this year but I’ve been to two others so here’s a quick short list of some good booths to visit and a few tips to help you survive: 

Dress lite (wear comfortable shoes because you will do a lot of walking).
Don’t lug a laptop (If you bring your laptop after the first hour it will be too much to lug around).
Take your time (Remember you have 4 days to see everything).
Too much SWAG will cost you if you need to check another bag.
Talk to strangers ( Don’t be afraid to talk to people that are in your hotel for VMworld).
Be careful walking in SF after dark alone, especially if you’ve been drinking and it’s very late (Stay together).
Have lots of fun and eat Chinese Food – Ramon noodle are great!

VendorProductCategoryWhat Makes Them SpecialNew at VMworld 2012Booth #
Application Performance Management
AternityFrontline Performance Intelligence PlatformApplication Performance ManagementProvides a unified view of end user experience management across physical, virtual, and mobile environmentsManagement of View end user experience through the correlation of PC-over-IP® (PCoIP®) latency with the actual business transaction response times and the VM image’s health.329
ExtraHop NetworksApplication Delivery Assurance
Application Performance ManagementPerformance Management of every application in the environment across virtual and physical tiers with no agentsUser application performance geo-mapping, solution bundles, and flex grids for virtualization management. Subscription pricing for virtual appliances.2335
New RelicRPMApplication Performance ManagementSaaS delivered APM for Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP and Python applications529
VMwarevFabric APMApplication Performance ManagementSupport for every application through a virtual appliance on a mirror port, and support for deep dive Java diagnostics via a Java agent
Operations Management
Astute NetworksViSXOperations ManagementSimple to deploy network attached Flash Storage optimized for VMware and deployable by the VMWare AdminstratorViSX G4 High-Performance VM Storage Appliance435
CirbaCirbaOperations ManagementSophisticated predictive analytics for controlling capacity, resource allocations and placements.623
HotLinkSuperVISOROperations ManagementExtends VMware vCenter to fully manage Hyper-V, KVM, XenServer, CouldStack and Amazon EC2 – no additional console required.Management of EC2 and CloudStack from VMware vCenter2422
IntiguaIntiguaOperations ManagementVirtualizes your Management Agents so that their impact is minimized and so that they are easily managed at scale428
ManageEngineIT360Operations ManagementAgentless monitoring for applications and servers along with single pane of glass view across physical, virtual and cloud IT infrastructure.Privileged password management for VMware vSphere, capacity planning reports and automated resource optimization for virtualization software.2340
PHD VirtualVirtual MonitorOperations ManagementEnd to end virtual infrastructure monitoring for vSphere and XenServer & XenDesktop environments.314
Reflex SystemsVirtualization Management CenterOperations ManagementReal-time, streaming data analysis including customizable analytics, charts and graphs that give enterprises extremely granular visibility and pure data fidelity for managing virtual infrastructure.Reflex and ExtraHop partner to drive IT automation in virtualized datacenters and cloud infrastructure by delivering integrated infrastructure and application context to performance management.517
SplunkSplunk App for VMwareOperations ManagementUnlock the value of vSphere data and get granular performance management and analysis, as well as security reporting and monitoring, complete operational visibility and capacity analytics.The new Splunk App for VMware1909
VKernelvOps ManagerOperations ManagementProvides control over virtual environments and cloud deployments with analytics, advice and automationPerformance impact modeling for environment changes, Automated environment change implementation, VM issue diagnosis screen for all problems affecting a VM, VMware vCloud Director integration607
VMTurboOperations ManagerOperations ManagementAbility to guarantee resource allocations based upon workload prioritiesIntegrated configuration management with OpenStack2222
VMwarevCenter OperationsOperations ManagementAutomated operations management solution with self-learning analytics, application awareness and integrated performance, capacity and configuration management for virtual and cloud infrastructure.Full transaction tracing and Closed loop integration from provisioning to monitoring to auto scaling (In Beta)CAP1
ZenossService DynamicsOperations ManagementA single product that delivers end-to-end service assurance for real-world, hybrid IT that spans physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure.624
Infrastructure Performance Management
GigamonGigaVUE Fabric ManagerInfrastructure Performance ManagementGigamon empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with visibility into the physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment.GigaVUE-FM provides the platform to manage distributed GigaVUE-VM virtual fabric nodes on virtual and physical infrastructures.1716
Virtual InstrumentsVirtualWisdomInfrastructure Performance ManagementReal time, Deterministic and Comprehensive Health and Latency Metrics from the VM to the LUN407
XangatiXangati Management Dashboard (XMD) SuiteInfrastructure Performance ManagementLive and continuous tracking of infrastructure performance health (server+hypervisor, storage and network). Problems identified within first hour of install.StormTracker: Industry’s first solution to track and anticipate transient, performance storms that fly under the radar of conventional monitoring solutions.2413
IT Automation
Puppet LabsPuppetAutomated Server and Image ManagementIT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure changes, on-premise or in the cloud.The Puppet integration service for VMware vFabric Application Director provides customers with the productivity and agility benefits of software-defined infrastructure.2323
OpscodeChefAutomated Server and Image ManagementChef is an open-source systems integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud.Integration of Opscode Chef with VMware vCloud Director as well as vCloud integrations with Terremark and Bluelock, enabling users to deploy and automate vCloud infrastructure in private/public clouds.2431
rPathCloud EngineAutomated Server and Image ManagementAutomate the assembly, provisioning and change of OS platforms, middleware platforms and entire application stacks to deploy, not in weeks, but in minutesUnveiling of ECAF model removes chaos from cloud transformation & plugs IT pros into power of cloud with positive business results. Pragmatic approach embeds need for standardization & guides journey.2441
Cloud Management
CloupiaUnified Infrastructure ControllerCloud ManagementA multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud provisioning and management solution that provides physical and virtual infrastructure control, management and monitoringUnified Converged Infrastructure Orchestration Solutions – FlexPod & VSPEX100
DynamicOpsCloud SuiteCloud ManagementManagement of private, hybrid, and public clouds across multiple hypervisors and virtual/physical infrastructuresJust got acquired by VMware512
EmboticsV-CommanderCloud ManagementPrivate Cloud In a Box – Deployed in Less than One HourIT as a Service functionality: Request multiple virtual or physical assets from a single entry in the service catalog.616
ManageIQEVM SuiteCloud ManagementEnterprise cloud management solutions that enable IT services to be easily provisioned and managed across physical, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructures.Major new release announcement with support for hybrid clouds including leading public clouds like Amazon and Rackspace.506
VirtustreamXStreamCloud ManagementA cloud for business critical, performance critical and mission critical applications like SAPxStream software GA for enterprises, service providers and governments: private, public and hybrid cloud management for existing hardware/virtualization with security and legacy application SLAsNetApp Booth 1402
Virtualization Security
AFORESolutionsCloudLinkVirtualization SecurityAFORE’s CloudLink® provides encryption for active Cloud Storage and Virtual Hosted Applications. CloudLink® protects mission critical data while managing security compliance and service performance.AFORE’s announces: CloudLink® 2.0 – Secure Virtual Storage Appliance; CloudLink CX Encryption of End-User Data in VDI and Virtual Hosted Apps; CloudLink Achieved Secured by RSA® Partner Certification2428
HyTrustHyTrustVirtualization SecurityHyTrust empowers organizations to virtualize more by delivering enterprise-class controls for access, accountability, and visibility to their existing virtualization infrastructure.2129
Trend MicroDeep Security &
Secure Cloud
Virtualization SecurityTrend Micro Incorporated, creates a world safe for exchanging digital information with Internet content security and threat management solutions.1123
SymantecCritical System ProtectionVirtualization SecurityCritical System Protection w/vSphere integration. CSP adds an multi-layer security to critical systems such as VMware vCenter as well as enforcement of security hardening of vSphere.Deep Security 9 offers better protection, performance & ROI for virtual servers & desktops & with our new Trend Ready program you can confidently pick a Deep Security compatible cloud service provider.909
Backup and Data Protection
QuantumvmProVirtualization BackupQuantum addresses data protection and big data management, providing specialized storage solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments to maximize the value of data.2017
VeeamVeeam Backup & ReplicationVirtualization BackupVM admins like Veeam because it’s fast, reliable and easy to use. Eliminates headaches of traditional backup, including agents, backup job failures and multiple backups. 100% virtualization-focused.Restore VMs from SAN snapshots. Fast: < 2 min. Flexible: Individual VMs, guest files or Microsoft Exchange items. Free: worry-free, agent-free and literally free (included in upcoming 6.5 release).1709
ZertoVirtual ReplicationVirtualization BackupZerto, VMworld Best of Show 2011 winner, provides the only hypervisor-based business continuity/disaster recovery solution for business-critical application protection in virtual & cloud environments.Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0 is Live – featuring multi-site replication and secure multi-tenancy. Plus, over 35 Cloud Providers begin offering cloud Disaster Recovery services powered by Zerto.624
Desktop Virtualization
AppsenseUser Virtualization PlatformDesktop VirtualizationAppSense reduces IT complexity and enables enterprise consumerization with independent management of the user experience across all mobile devices and desktops.301
CitrixXenApp, XenDesktop, & XenClient EnterpriseDesktop VirtualizationWith cloud, collaboration, networking and virtualization technologies, Citrix powers mobile workstyles and cloud services, making complex enterprise IT simpler and accessible for 260,000 organizations735
DesktoneDesktone CloudDesktop VirtualizationDesktone delivers the industry’s only multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform for service providers to offer Desktops as a Service (DaaS).Dell/Wyse, NaviSite, Quest Systems & NetApp will be demoing DaaS built on the Desktone platform. In addition, Desktone will discuss support for VMware View 5 user experience features including PCoIP.2330
Liquidware LabsStratusphere FIT, IXD, UX & ProfileUnityDesktop VirtualizationLiquidware Labs™ offers an integrated set of solutions to support the complete desktop transformation lifecycle for migration to next-generation “anytime, anywhere, any device” desktops.ProfileUnity with FlexApp combines virtualized deployment of department and user applications with full-featured user virtualization for ultra-manageable desktops with best TCO.2536

List Source: An email from The Virtualization Practice

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