Single Pane Of Glass – SPOG Window

(Single Pane Of Glass)As of this post, Google search shows 1,080,000 results for Single Pane Of Glass and the top result shows a basic definition.

In the last 2 years, I heard the phrase Single Pane Of Glass or SPOG used a number of times including by me when I was trying to describe a new concept to some NOC staff on how I envisioned us monitoring our VMware virtual infrastructure.

What is a SPOG?

Basically, I visualized a tool where everything converged. For example: If we were having a performance problem in production I could open a SPOG window that showed server stats (CPU, memory, etc) network stats (bandwidth, CPU, subscription, etc.), storage stats (IOS, cache, CPU, etc.), and anything else that might be necessary for analysis viewed in one Single Pane Of Glass, or SPOG window.

Is a SPOG in Your Future?

I believe this will be one of the fastest-growing trends in 2012. The time has come when we need an easier way to see into all the technologies from one Single Pane Of Glass, or SPOG window.

If you’re planning to purchase new tools that don’t have an API or way of allowing data to be extracted – think twice before you sign the check.

BTW – I have yet to see a functioning SPOG that gives developers and vendors something to chew on…

Update – ipMonitor may be the tool for this.

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