Free SolarWinds Storage Monitoring Tool Finds Heavy Hitters

Free Storage Monitoring Tool For VmwareI’ve had my share of using ESXTOP with it’s hard to understand commands so when I saw SolarWinds had a free tool for monitoring storage response time and kernel latency, I thought free storage tools that do something useful – no way!

From the highlights it looks like the tool is useful for something I alway needed to know – figuring out which VM is the heavy-hitter on the data-store so I could do some vMotioning to stop the pain of having too many VM trashing a storage LUN and causing performance issues.

Free Storage Tool Highlights

  • Get at-a-glance insight into host to datastore connections with the worst response times, and the busiest VMs using those connections
  • See a breakdown of the datastore including type and device versus kernel latency

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