Veeam Monitor Captures My Attention

Veeam Monitor

Veeam Monior is certainly the best monitoring software for VMware that I have ever evaluated. And, aside from it not being distributed as a virtual appliance, it’s worth the time for a simple install that requires a Windows server to host it.

What’s Veeam Monitor’s Value?

Want reports that are easy to customize and look professional, alerts that are meaningful, stats on disk latency and IOPS and graphs that say it all – Veeam Monitor can deliver them all.

You won’t get unnecessary flash animation or colored arrows but you will get real-time data that will help manage and report your VMware Infrastructure metrics.

The full version of Veeam Monitor features additional enterprise-oriented features including access to:

  • Performance history
  • Full storage monitoring capabilities
  • Trend analysis and capacity planning with scheduled reporting
  • Drill-down into a VM, ESX and vCenter for Windows and Linux process monitoring and management
  • Unlimited alarms and alarm modeling

But I like try before I buy and Veeam monitor has a free version that allows just that. I was amazed with how much I could do with the free version.

Veeam Monitor is a tool worth installing. Here’s the link to Veeam’s website:

Note: Tested with VirtualCenter 2.5 U4 and ESX 3.5 U4 and vSphere 4.0 (VC 4.0 and ESX 4.0)

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