Troubleshooting ESX cluster and HA errors – DNS could be the problem!

Vsphere Dns IssueHas it been hours, or even days, since you started troubleshooting ESX cluster and HA errors?

I can relate to this painful and tiring experience. Although, I could be just taking it for granted that everyone doing virtual infrastructure installations has the same problems and issues that I have run into, NOT!

DNS Issues

DNS issues seem to be the most common and overlooked solution while trying to resolve ESX cluster errors. Check the FQDN of all the hosts and also make sure all the host files, including the virtual center server have the same entries.

Spell Check

Check the spelling and look for “zeros – 0” instead of “ohs – O”. I can’t stress this enough!

Once everything is verified, do an nslookup on all your server names and IP addresses. If DSN resolves your servers with a proper FQDN then I bet you a dollar your cluster and HA errors will go away. There are other things to check but I will cover them later on in the VM install forums.

Do you have a troubleshooting tip? Please help out by posting it below…


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