I’ll Bet You 5 Dollars SpaceX Dragon Has Some VMware, Somewhere, Maybe?

Vmware Used At NasaOK, now that I have your attention.

Wow – watching Dragon blast off was incredible! I remember once telling a cowork that people would be taking vacations to space someday and he said I was nuts – NOT!

Back to my Bet…

I’ve never worked at NASA but I’m guessing if they are anything like other big government agencies, then there are tons of opportunities to upgrade their old legacy server farms into¬†modem¬†VMware vSphere Environments.

I’ll also bet there’s VMware on the Space Station because I don’t think Amazon has an AWS Space Cloud – yet – so servers are probably still local, and to save space and weight (for take off), virtualization is used. And – of course – they¬†definitively¬†want HA, DRS and vMotion that works so that eliminates the competition for now.

IT Jobs at SpaceX

Now I’m curious so I had to check out the¬†Careers¬†page on the SpaceX website. I see a few opportunities that even I would be able to apply for – if I didn’t live so damn far away from Hawthorn, Ca.¬†Maybe this might be of interest to someone who wants to make history.

What are your thoughts, are there any VMware products on the space station or any of the SpaceX rockets?

Photo is from SpaceX website.

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