Rise Of The Robots Review (You Won’t Guess What’s Going On!)

Martin Ford - Rise Of The RobotsThe Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford is the Best Book I’ve read about AI.

One word…WOW!

What you’ll learn in this review is my take on Martin’s book.

I agree that robot technology will replace mundane human jobs, but I also think it will create fantastic tech jobs.

If your skills are ready when the robots rise, then you’ll be one of the lucky few who benefits.

To begin with…

Martin covers how the uses of robots, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning algorithms are ramping up momentum. Basically, large businesses are finding more ways to cut costs.

And unlike what most people think, “robots or AI can only do simple jobs and tasks,” the truth is unbelievable.

So how does learning about robots and artificial intelligence fit into DevOps and Cloud?

I don’t want to spoil the book for you but DevOps Cloud skills fit well with robotics, and Martin gives plenty of examples of universities and companies already developing their own AI technologies, many of these AI technologies are hosted in the cloud.

Let’s start with a quick list of 3 examples given in the book where robots (software and hardware) are already active…

  1. We all know Google is a big player in AI and algorithms, right? Well, if Google continues on its path not only will Google have self-driving cars, but its algorithms will be able to predict just about everything you do such as: where you will live, what you will eat, where you will work, how you will play, where you will vacation – and the scary thing is they will know it before you even decide. That’s right – Google’s algorithms (google bots) will have become better at predicting the best choices for you than you could do for yourself.
  2. IBM has been working on cognitive intelligence software since 2007 that in 2011 was able to beat the best Jeopardy players (watch the match in the video below). Now you may wonder why beating the best Jeopardy players is such a big deal, right? Well, IBM took Watson (Deep Blue system that defeated the grandmaster chess champion) to an entirely new level of AI. Unlike with a fixed set of chess rules, IBM’s new software can leverage 1000s of books, journals, blogs, and data sources via different algorithms simultaneously and then weigh each response until the best answer to a “RANDOM” Jeopardy question is found. Not even Googling can do this. IBM is already using Watson to help answer complicated medical problems. And, IBM Watson Health is now available as a cloud service via an API.
  3. McDonald’s has been testing robots in Europe that will eventually replace employees that prepare hamburgers and fries. Imagine always getting a perfect burger order without the attitude or mistakes. 🙂

Are you still wondering how DevOps and Cloud fit within robotics? Hang on, and I’ll answer this question soon.

But now, watch a video about Watson playing Jeopardy

Rise of the Robots, Equals Hot Jobs

A few months back I wrote about 30+ virtual reality jobs, and how there are bunches of start-up companies pouring into the market to provide VR and AR content. All these businesses will need IT staff to build and support infrastructure both on-premise and in the clouds that host their VR content. These are new jobs supporting a new technology that will likely be around for a while.


Robotics and Automation are also new technologies ripe for new start-up companies. That’s right. People with the right science degree, technology & engineering degrees, and (Cloud/DevOps) skills can be part of the rising trend in robotics.

Last year I also created a list of 11 hot jobs I thought would be big winners in 2016, today I want to add two more hot jobs to the list for 2017 that will be perfect for anyone looking for a new start or new career. Albeit, instead of focusing only on a job title, I’ll focus on technologies this year.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – there is already a surge in opportunities for Systems Engineers, DBAs, and Developers going into the VR/AR business sectors. You may already be experiencing this need first-hand with your own VR headset. There’s not enough content, right?

Robotics, Big Data, and Automation – are only a few of the many AI technologies that will emerge and drive the future for many businesses wanting to streamline and become more productive. Maybe you use Siri, Cortana, and Amazon Echo? These are all in essence AI…

A word of caution:

The unfortunate part of Martin’s book discusses how some workers will be replaced by software and hardware, but my focus in this review is that there will still be jobs for people who build the systems, support them, and write the code…

Two decades ago I saw virtualization technology emerge and I latched on and learned all I could about VMware and their products. Today, I see virtual reality and robotics the same way, and I suggest if you are new to technology or trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up, VR and Robots are the answer.

Don’t waste any more time thinking or wondering, you need to act now to get in front of the wave that is still building beyond the horizon. That wave will soon be crashing the shore in 2017; you can be riding it, or standing on the beach and miss all the action. Check out this new post about Woz U Academy if you’re looking for online training.

Meet Liam The Robot

Here are some relevant search terms to help you find one of these excellent jobs in 2017:

The cool thing about all the job opportunities that will show up in the searches above is these jobs are needed everywhere, i.e., banking and finance, agriculture, healthcare, education, military, aerospace, recreation, entertainment, etc.

So comb through all the job listings carefully for a niche that fits your career goals. And don’t forget to take notes and make a list for more research.

Sounds impressive, right?

Rise of the Robots was published in 2015, which means all that Martin Ford wrote about is now over 2 years further along. This is why I think now is prime time for the next wave of advancements.

And this assumption only means the time to act if you want to be ready for one of these excellent jobs is now (or very soon). That’s only if you thrive on emerging technology as I do…


I fell in love with virtualization technology 20 years ago, and I can only imagine how much more enriching a career in robotics and AI would be today.

Don’t get me wrong; I still love what I do. But there’s a seduction about the robots on the horizon.

I don’t fear loosing my job to robots in the future, because I will become part of the team building and supporting them…and you need to begin preparing your skills now if you intend to join the rise of the robots, the best jobs in 2017 and beyond.

Also, be warned that Martin does go deep inside the dark side – how advanced tech will impact the economy by replacing humans with automation. And yes, it could get ugly, but until these days are upon us – I plan to ride the robotics and AI wave as far as it will take me…

So let’s get to it…

First, get a copy of Martin’s book (Rise of the Robots), and read it. Then, do your research on which companies are hiring and what skills they are hiring for (Martin lists many start-up companies in his book), and then get to work learning and applying for your next job.

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