30+ Awesome Virtual Reality Jobs That Take You From Boring To Amazing! (Must Read…)

Best Virtual Reality JobsOK, I admit I’ve been playing around with Virtual Reality, A.K.A. VR.

Yup, I’m guilty as charged.

But after listening to Tony Robbins hype-up VR on his podcast, I couldn’t help myself.

Don’t worry, I’ll share the link to the podcast in a minute….

Spoiler Alert

A new IT Job Trend is coming!


You know how I love sharing news about new job trends I see coming.

Well, I wanted to be the first to tell you that VR is going to be huge.

There will likely be 100s of new gizmos and 1000s of uses for VR that will infiltrate our lives.

All this “NEWNESS” means a lot of people will be busy creating new infrastructure and web services.

Virtual Reality Jobs

The PIC above is from a list I created on “How to use VR” while I was moonlighting for BuyBuyVR.com.

Go ahead and click the link and read the full list, listen to the full podcast, and watch the full video.

Then you’ll see why I believe a new job trend is coming for IT Pros.

BTW, I wasn’t looking for a job trend when I was researching VR for my article. But then I started to wonder.


What if VR creates a new sector of tech related jobs?

So I did a bit of digging and I poked around the leading VR content creator websites.


My hunch is correct and I found bunches of new job opportunities.

Best of all, these companies are new and still innovating, which means people with good skills and ideas are likely able to make a big difference.

That’s my mojo on VMinstall.com because making a difference is what I teach!

But I guess you can stay where you are if you like doing day-to-day grunt work…I digress.

Virtual Reality Jobs

Let’s dig in to this gold mine of jobs I found for YOU.

First off, look at this awesome list of Tech Jobs at YouVisit.

YouVisit  looks like an extremely modern VR content creator and has links to virtual tours hosted on their website. (Explore YouVisit)

  1. Android Developer
  2. Backend Developer
  3. DevOps Engineer
  4. Full Stack Developer
  5. Full Stack Senior Developer
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Senior Interaction UX Designer Mobile
  8. Project Manager
  9. UI Designer Mobile
  10. Unity Developer

And here’s another sweet list of Tech Jobs at NextVR.

NextVR  is another state-of-the-art VR content creator and does LIVE streaming in VR of professional sports and concert events.

  1. Android Developer
  2. C++ Software Developer
  3. Network Engineer
  4. Software Engineer/Backend API Developer
  5. Linux System Administrator

And yet another amazing list of Tech jobs at JauntVR

JauntVT creates VR and AR content and has a long list of videos that include Paul McCartney in 360 VR. (Added on 8/23/2016)

  1. Hardware Engineer
  2. Sr. DevOps Engineer
  3. Engineering Lead, Consumer Applications
  4. Engineering Lead, Consumer Applications
  5. Front End Web Engineer
  6. Lead Engineer, Mobile Platform
  7. Software Engineer, Android
  8. Software Engineer, Full-stack
  9. Software Engineer, iOS
  10. Software Engineer, Web
  11. Sr. Software Engineer, Audio Production Tools
  12. Sr. Video Processing Engineer, Codecs
  13. User Experience and Design
  14. Product Designer – Web
  15. Senior Product Designer – VR App

OMG, what an incredible time to be a developer – look at all these Dev jobs!

Note: The jobs above were available as of 8/23/2016, check the website for current job postings.

I know what you’re thinking.

These are the same jobs I see posted everywhere.

STOP! Because you’re missing the big picture.

These jobs titles may sound familiar, but the secret sauce I’m talking about is where they are.

They’re not at Polaroid, a company that went bankrupt because it didn’t stay up with trends.

No, they’re at the front-end of a new technology trend that will eventually replace boring TV with LIVE streaming VR.

Get your head straight!

Best Vr JobsLook:

I’ll say it again…

The difference with the companies I named above is their focus is virtual reality, a new and emerging technology. I’ll ask you again to read the post above about “How to use VR” and you’ll see that Goldman Sachs expects the VR industry to grow to 80B.

Does that big number get your attention?

That means a lot of new jobs for IT skills.

If you’re wondering if there will be VMware jobs in VR – I don’t know.

But looking at the job lists above, there are DevOps and Linux jobs, which is a fantastic start for me…

And I would bet most of their servers and web services are hosted on AWS or in Google’s cloud because they need big network pipes for streaming video and probably serious storage capacity.

Although, I could be wrong about the cloud vs on-Prem data centers because I noticed one guy in the NextVR YouTube video with a Pure Storage Logo on his tee-shirt. Yea! Free Advertising! 🙂

Apply Now For VR Jobs

Maybe you just graduated from a tech school or university, and you’re looking for a new career.

VR sounds like a great place to focus your next move.

Best of all, you’d be getting in at the beginning of a new trend.

Remember what I said a while back about VMware in the 90s? I saw a new job trend coming and acted fast. Well, it’s happening again.

If you’re ready to take action now and the job links above are not in your area, then here’s another link where you can search for VR jobs.

Get going now and you’ll be getting in on the ground level… As always, Good Luck!

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