Retrospective: 2013 Review & What’s Ahead for Me

Why Is My App Slow On Vmware EbookWelcome to 2014!

Wow, where should I start?

Let’s start by covering what happened last year.

VMware’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, is going back to the basics.

Amazon continues to dominate the cloud and released virtual desktops as a service.

OpenStack, in my opinion, became the next best thing to VMware vSphere for private clouds.

Cisco and VMware are at odds over VMware’s plan to virtualize networks.

VMware took another step to virtualize storage with virtual storage appliance (a.k.a. VSA).

Nimble and Tintri Storage Solutions continue building momentum and winning over IT Manager’s hearts.

On a personal note

I started a new job as the IT Operations Manager at Grand Canyon University.

And I published a free guide, “20 Questions VMware Newbie’s Want Answered.” turned 6 years old, got a new theme, and grew to over 150 posts.

Vcp For Hire New CoverWhat’s New?

I’ve taken my motto “Think Service First” to a new level and re-branded my site and turned it into an eBook Series and love it.

“VCP for Hire” got a new Kindle cover, a new price ($2.99) and a revision, it’s now book 1 of the Think Service First eBook Series.

I released eBook 2 of the Think Service First Series, “Why Is My App Running Slow on VMware”.

What’s on the Horizon?

I’m hoping to go to VMWorld this year.

And I’ll be involved in building a brand new hybrid cloud with VMware and a 3rd party (TBD).

Hopefully I’ll publish at least 2 more eBooks this year as part of my series.

And finally, I’m looking forward to big advancements this year in virtual technologies.

Happy New Years everyone, and I wish you all the best!

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