Congrats! Tintri (tin tri) Storage Wins Gold Metal At VMworld 2012

Tintri Storage For VmwareWith Olympic buzz still in the air, I wasn’t at all surprised Tintri (tin tri) took home the Gold Metal.

I first read it on MarketWatch: Tintri Wins “Best of VMworld 2012” Gold Award in Hardware for Virtualization Category 

Congrats Tintri!

I met with the guys (Steve Napoli and his Engineer) from Tintri last year and reviewed the Tintri Storage Solution which even then was so much more streamlined than the typical storage frame that requires a high-end storage engineer to configure and carve out storage LUNs for VMware.

Their easy storage solution for VMware gives the virtualization admin, or engineer, all the tools they need to carve out LUNs right from vCenter. Unfortunately at the time, the company I was working for was cornered by Big San Storage from Hitachi so the change was too much to consider.

TinTri Gets My Vote!

If your ready for a change that will make things so much easier for your infrastructure team to manage storage, and you are ready to change then Tintri gets my vote…

Here’s some of Tintri’s Key Features:

Storage Solutions for Databases

  • Deliver optimal IOPS for virtualized databases.
  • No sophisticated tuning required.

Storage Solutions for Development and Test

  • Accelerate build and test processes by 30% or more with VM-aware storage for less than half the cost of a traditional SAN.

Storage Solutions for VDI

  • Cost-effective.
  • Eliminates storage complexity.
  • Predictable performance.

Learn more about Tintri (tin tri) Storage Solution for VMware:

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