Easy 5 Step ESXi Tutorial: Free Download & Key

Vsphere Client DownloadFree ESXi Download…

For years we’ve been downloading VMware’s free version of ESX and ESXi and getting a free license key…

This is an opportunity for VMware beginners to get their hands on a great hypervisor.

Install it on a server, laptop or old PC in minutes. Build a lab and take the first step in learning how to administrator a vSphere Cloud.

Follow these steps and get going…

Vmware Esxi 5 Key

1. Download ESXi.

Here’s the link from VMware for¬†Free ESXi Download.

2. Get the Free License Key.

3. Download vSphere Client.

4. Check Your Hardware Compatibility

You might also want to check out the VMware hardware compatibility guide.

5.  Join the Community and get Free Help

And,¬†because¬†you may want help, here’s a link to the VMware vSphere Community.

Bonus ESXi Tutorial Video

This is an easy to follow ESXi Tutorial: Watch SysAdmGirl handle a hypervisor install (She configures ESXi using the vSphere Client):


Virtualization has never been so easy.

Check out 16 VMware beginner how to’s and best practices, free tools, step by step guides and more…

Installing a hypervisor is only the beginning, there’s more in store for the student wanting to learn about virtualization technology.

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