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Today I did a Google search to see how many people like myself have started a blog or website to discuss or support virtualization (VMware vSphere, Virtual Iron, Cloudstack, etc).

And I was surprised to find so many cool VMware Blog websites with catchy names.

VMware Blog Reviews

1. Take this name for example Visiting the site I found quite a few posts on troubleshooting VMware, especially ESX. Lots of information on the old “ESX random disconnect from VirtualCenter” issue.

At the top of the Google, search list was VMware’s own support community. If you support VMware Virtual Infrastructure and you haven’t visited the community yet, you are missing out.

Here’s the link, go there now! Then come back and finish reading this post.

2. One of my old favorites is I remember when this site was just taking off.

The owner, Scott Herold, even wrote one of the first ‘worth a darn books” on Virtual Infrastructure.

I must have downloaded the free chapters 10 times. Now you can download the whole book, but don’t be a cheap-skate, buy Scott, Ron, and Mike’s book.

3. has quite a few posting on every subject relating to VMware VI, such as platform, networking, storage, management and monitoring, VDI, and scripting.

Don’t just take my word for it go and visits now then come back and finish reading my post.

4. OK, one site that I have really found useful over the years has been

I have watched this site grow in popularity and mature with every new version of the ESX server. And I think I might have run into Scott once at VMWorld 2007 in San Francisco, he was standing along the side where the computers for folks to check their email were.

He was blogging away about what was going on at VMworld. I think that was right after he got a new gig writing articles.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on VMware’s support site, make sure you visit

Scott keeps up with almost every trend and product VMware-related, or you will find a link to where you can find help. You go, Scott!

BTW, Don’t go visit Scott’s blog yet, or you will never finish reading my post.

5. A little about my website, has been around since 2007. During that time I was supporting a new VMware Virtual Infrastructure deployment for Arizona State University.

One day I happened to visit and did a name search and lucky me, was available.

VM Install has been through some changes over its existence as I’ve tried to keep it going with various types of content for adding value to the vCommunity.

The original site was done in Drupal, and then I got rid of Drupal and the crazy job posting.

Now the site’s platform is WordPress and a clean professional template.

I know some of my posts are aged, but some problems never go away. and swap and page files are some of them.

Heck, I’ve even given up on trying to keep up with all the “techies” and now I just blog about things such as VMware Health Check, virtualization beginners stuff and cloud service delivery; because I figure these posts will make system administrator or IT Managers think before making a mess of their virtual environment.

Okay, I’m done talking about my website, make sure you check out VM Install…

6. A relatively robust website that I have found while searching VMware problems is

It has a green and white template and a big presence on the web because so many people are linking to the RSS feeds.

Don’t get me wrong, the owner of this site, Rich Brambley, whom I’ve never met, really knows his stuff.

You go Rich, and by the way, the picture of you and your kids at the Falcon game is great. Too bad the Cards had to take them out in the play-offs, maybe next season, eh? is packed with posts with command line examples and solutions for all kinds of technical stuff, take this link title for instance: Didn’t I tell you Rich knows his stuff?

7. There are plenty more good websites, but the two final sites I want to mention are and

VMware-Land is the place to go to find out who the “who’s” are in VMware blogging, plus there are also hundreds of links to help you find what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, hasn’t made it to his top ten list yet but that’s okay, just do a search on Google for “VM install”. Here are other great VMware blogs:

Virtualization Blog List:

Note: Find more top ten list at

8. The other site is VMtoday is a clean VMware News, Views, and How-To’s website, which for a moment I thought I was looking at my own site because the site has so much in common with

Joshua Townsend the site owner has good taste and you will find VMtoday informative.


Summing up this blog post about some of the fantastic websites and blogs for VMware support and virtualization, I just want to ask all the webmasters mentioned above to keep up the great work.

I’m just one of the thousands who visit your site regularly for help and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

[Bad Joke] Now can someone please tell me how to join my VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 to Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), just kidding!

VMware Podcast List

Still want more than a list of VMware Podcast by other experts!

Do you want your VMware blog listed on, please contact me or comment below?


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