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Hello – I’m Joe.

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VMinstall Training Hub is where I share my desire to help passionate people become Indispensable!

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About Joe (me):

A quick story about me, then I’ll dive into what you can expect as you read my tips, lessons, and how-to guides about the hybrid cloud.

I’ve been an IT Professional since the 1990s.

I was hands-on for the first few decades of my IT career, so I speak from experience.

Let’s see.

I’ve worked as a:

  • Help Desk Tech/Supervisor
  • System Administrator (SySAdmin)
  • Systems Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • Network Admin
  • IT Manager (Operations, Infrastructure, Projects)
  • I owned a computer repair business
  • Now, I’m a VP of IT Operations

My first IT job was at Northrop Grumman as a help desk tech, where I eventually became the supervisor of 3 other techs.

This is where my passion for IT was ignited.

I enjoyed computer technology so much that 1996 I started a Computer Support Business, Yuma Computer Services.

Then, in 2005, I sold off my business and moved to Phoenix, where I worked as a SysAdmin while attending Arizona State University.

But it didn’t take long before a new technical passion for VMware was ignited, and I spent most of the next ten years designing, building, and supporting vSphere hybrid clouds as a consultant, admin, engineer, and manager.

During this time, around mid-2007, is when VMinstall was started.

Since about 2011, I’ve managed Infrastructure, Operation, and DevOps teams locally and globally at some of the biggest companies in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ve managed teams at the University of Phoenix, Go Daddy, Cognizant, and Grand Canyon University.

Aside from Hybrid Cloud, here are other interests I enjoy and write about:

The list of my interests goes on and on and is still growing…

I write about technology, especially when I’ve had the chance to work with it.

What’s next for You…

Please don’t wait another minute to start digging into all the Free resources I’ve published.

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Let me help you become Indispensable, and we’ll make IT careers the best place to be!


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