Free Copy of VMWorkstation When You Pass VCP Exam

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It’s been a while since I received my free copy of VMWorkstation for passing the VCP 3.0 certification exam. And, come to find out VMware gives a copy of VMware Workstation 7.1 when you pass the VCP 4.1 exam, $179 value. I used my copy to virtualize and run my old Windows XP and Vista desktops (the ones I used before I bought my new Windows 7 desktop). Just use the VMware VMconverter tool to P2V your old desktop straight to VMWorkstation – Bang! running Windows 7, Vista, and XP all on the same hardware.

  • Run multiple operating systems at the same time without rebooting
  • Evaluate and test new operating systems applications and patches in an isolated environment
  • Facilitate fast efficient testing of applications across a large number of configurations
  • Quickly debug applications on multiple platforms with developer tool integration
  • Easily revert your virtual machine to a prior stable system state

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