Do I Need a Virtualization Architect or VMware VCDX?

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Vcxd Jobs

I did a search today on JobEgg and found 50 jobs across the country for Virtualization Architect, and almost just as many job posts for VMware Architect.

Are architects becoming a new trend as more environments are now starting to scale larger and outgrow their old vCenter and ESXi setup?

Will there be bidding wars as big businesses start hiring Virtualization Architects and VMware Architects with VCDX certifications to design and build their vSphere virtual infrastructures, I mean clouds?

What will happen to all the VCPs as VMware continues to add more types of certifications and products to their product & CERT Cloud, no pun intended?

Heck, I think the VCP4 CERT lasted about 3 – 4 months before it was replaced with a VCP4.5, and last I checked , there’s a VCP5 now, and I’m guessing VCP5.5 is 2 – 3 months away.

I’m not trying to be sarcastic, but is this all moving too fast when you consider that each new version of VCP CERT requires a $3500 training +$250 test? And, I haven’t checked yet but I bet VCDX CERTs aren’t cheap either.

I’ll throw this out there to think about – if your a manager wondering if you need to hire a VCDX instead of a VCP3, or 3.5, or 4, or 4.5, or VCP5, then here’s what my experience has taught me. I think you will be fine hiring someone with at least 3 – 5 years hands-on experience building and supporting VMware environments, with any of the VCP CERTs. But if a VCDX wants to work for you, hire them as fast as you can because there’s no logical good reason for passing up on such a great opportunity as to have a VCDX on your team.

Also, I’ll be covering this point very soon in an eBook I am writing to help managers understand what is required to build a good virtualization team that can take your infrastructure (cloud) to the next level.

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