How To Install Genymotion for Beginners (Includes Google Play)

How to install Genymotion

Genymotion for Beginners

In this post I’ll take you through an install I did of Genymotion, VirtualBox and Google Play.

But First, What is Genymotion?

Here’s what I determined from this evaluation:

  • Basically Genymotion is a front end app that hooks into the VirtualBox API and gives you advanced emulation and development features.
  • It also has a portal where you log into and download pre-formatted virtual machines already configured with various popular distros of Android OS.
  • It has a free verson for personal use which has some limitions but is still worth installing.
  • And it has a paid version which is designed for advanced users who are developing Apps for Android.

And Second, How is Genymotion different?

  • The guys at Genymotion have taken the Android installations on VirtualBox to a new level!
  • No more hunting for images because all the  popular distros of Android are in the download portal.
  • And built in are emulators for all the popular hardware platforms like: Samsung, Google, and HTC.

Now Let’s get this Evaluation going.

Step 1 – I created a Genymotion account at and downloaded the Windows version. (genymotion-2.2.0-vbox.exe)

Step 2 – I ran the Genymotion install file and chose the defaults.

Genymotion screenshot 2


Step 3 – Let Genymotion automatically install VirtualBox.

Genymotion will automatically download VirtualBox and prompt you to install it. If you already have Virtualbox installed you will be given the prompt to re-install the version that comes with Genymotion.

For this demo I am just letting Genymotion have its way and install 4.2.12 which is an older version.

Genymotion screenshot 3

I was stepped through a few screens, I clicked YES at this scary WARNING screen.

Genymotion screenshot 4

Next, I clicked YES to a couple installs for networking.

Genymotion screenshot 5

After VirtualBox installs, I was prompted for an upgrade. I just clicked OK for now.

Genymotion screenshot 6


Step 4 – Starting Genymotion.

Now comes the good part, starting up Genymotion for the first time. I clicked FINISH.


Genymotion screenshot 7


Step 5 – Logging in and downloading images.

Here’s what I saw, and then I clicked Yes to download a virtual device.

Genymotion screenshot 8

I was then prompted for the log on and entered the same username and password I created earlier.

Genymotion screenshot 10

Low and behold all the images to chose from…

Genymotion screenshot 11


For this evaluation I chose Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7 device at 800×1280.

Genymotion screenshot 12

After a few minutes the download finished and I clicked FINISH.

Genymotion screenshot 13


Step 6 – Start your Android virtual device.

The device showed up in my inventory. (Note: I had already downloaded another image)

Genymotion screenshot 14

I then selected the 4.3 image and clicked the PLAY button.

Genymotion screenshot 15

I was then given a starting virtual device screen that turned into a window with a Android logo . Once the start-up finished, I was given the standard Android lock screen and desktop.

Genymotion screenshot 16


Step 6 – Testing Internet on the Android Virtual Device.

I opened the browser and went to Yup, Internet is working.

Genymotion screenshot 17


Step 7 –  How to Install Google Play.

Since Genymotion does not include Google Play, I needed to download a zipfile to install the app. And as I found, some versions of Android are not supported which is why I needed Jelly Bean.

Here’s the link where I downloaded the zipfile. >> Goo alternative replacement link < <

Note: The latest Google Apps package is 20130813 and supports 4.3, not 4.4.

Once you have it download just drag it to the virtual device desktop and drop it. The install will start automatically. Click OK.

Genymotion screenshot 18

Once Google Apps is installed and updated, you’re good to go, kinda! I got a few errors about Google+ and even had to restart Android, but as you can see, eventually I was able to log into Google Play.

Genymotion screenshot 19


Looking Behind the Scene.

What I found when I tried to run the Getymotion virtual machines straight from VirtaulBox was the Android images would not start up.

Genymotion screenshot 20


For anyone interested in Geeking-out, Getymotion for personal use is free and very easy to install. And, for the more advanced user, Getymotion  has licensed versions especially for developing applications. But for the purpose of my evaluation, the free version worked fine for a beginner who wants to play around with virtualization. Enjoy…

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