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My goal on is to help curious people become Indispensable so you can help me change IT!

What to Expect as you read my tips, lessons, and guides…

No. 1 – First off, if you subscribe I won’t spam you with junk email.

I’m just like you – I don’t like getting spam sent to me. That said, if you decide to subscribe to VMinstall anything I do email to you will be worth your time reading.

And, any time you don’t want anymore of my emails you can just opt-out and I will stop sending you them. No hurt feelings…

No. 2 – I want to figure out how I can provide you value and help expand your skills.

I’ve been working on VMinstall since 2007 and I’d like to think my site is different from many of the Tech Blogs I read.

Why? Because VMinstall is more than me sharing technical tips about VMware products. It’s deeper!


I get excited talking about what I see going on across all technologies including DevOps, OpenStack, VR, Robotics and Docker, which are all HOT skills right now.

So when I do write a post or send you emails and they don’t provide value please let me know and I’ll work harder…

No. 3 – I like mentoring aspiring techs.

Over my +20 year career I’ve seen and done a lot of amazing junk (cool stuff). And that includes undoing craziness that some admins and managers call ‘Best Practices’. I write a lot about this so please ignore my rants…

You’ll be ahead of everyone and enjoy hearing me share real stories, as well as Job Tips, Career Advice, What’s New, Hot Jobs, Tech Trends, and News.

Now – Why become Indispensable?

Here’s ‘WHY’:

  • Career advancement will come to you easier – that means you will feel good about what you are doing.
  • Higher salary and raises will come to you sooner – that means you will get paid more because you are worth more.
  • Better job opportunities will come looking for you – you have more an enough option available if you are not happy where you are.
  • You get to work on the shiny new cool stuff – my favorite!
  • There’s always new opportunities for you – people will request you by name for their projects because you get SH*T done.

But there’s more, you’ll be happier, more engaged, and want to go to work. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

What’s next…

Don’t wait another minute to start digging into all the golden nuggets I’ve already published.

Here are a few of the HOTTEST places to start:

Let me help you become Indispensable and let’s change IT!

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