White Box Storage that Rocks! Quickly Solve Storage Problems [Save $1000s]

QNAP Flexible Volume

This Data Storage Server is BAD News for Big Storage! I think you’ll agree with me when I say: There’s never enough storage on-hand for backups, archives, file shares and virtualization… Well, ever since I unboxed a QNAP at work I have been obsessed with how amazing they are. I love technology and QNAP Turbo NAS Rocks! And not just because it saves $1000s. Imagine a data storage server that can be used like a Swiss Army Knife to solve your storage problems at home or the office… But before I get ahead of myself…let me give you a little… [Read More]

Cloudways Review: 12 Pros & Cons (First Impressions)

cloudways review

If you’re wondering if Cloudways is a better cloud management solution than ServerPilot, hang on because I’m going to share my test results in this review… Thanks for dropping in! Before we dig into this review let me quickly give you a recap how my other test is going with ServerPilot/DigitalOcean/WordPress. Here’s what I tested and reviewed: Creating a DigitalOcean account and server droplet. Creating a ServerPilot account and linking it to a DigitalOcean droplet. Creating an App, database, configuring SFTP and coping over the WordPress files. Configuring a domain and DNS, and setting up a WordPress site. Installing PhpMyAdmin and running… [Read More]

ServerPilot Review: Installing WordPress On DigitalOcean (Download the How-to Guide)

ServerPilot Review

How to install WordPress on a cloud server like a Pro and cut seconds off Page Load time in the process. Before we dive-in let’s review who should use this guide: Are you tired of playing the hosting discount price game where ‘ONLY’ new or introductory purchases get a discount? Are you tired of paying for shared hosting that slows down when your neighbor’s website gets busy? Is shared hosting causing your page load speed to become a factor and you’re getting out-ranking on Google by less relevant webpages? Or maybe you’re planning to do a mobile responsive theme upgrade… [Read More]

10 Tough Incident Manager Interview Questions (Download)

incident manager interview questions

I was on my way to lunch when I got the call… When things break you need someone on the bridge call who not only understands protocol but they also have the skills and experience under their belt to drive the investigation in the right direction, and to closure. Putting the pieces back together! Incident response is extremely important, which is why incident managers are a must-have for companies that have 24/7/365 web services that host online environments where millions of users (or customers) are impacted by a single device going offline. Think for a moment about the impact to… [Read More]

8 Updates That Make vSphere 6 Better – Keith Barker

vSphere 6

Editor’s note: Keith Barker has been a CBT Nuggets Trainer since 2012. Some of his many areas of expertise include VMware, Cisco and Security. Out with the Old, In with the New VMware vSphere recently updated from version 5.5 to 6.0. Fortunately, most of the knowledge, understanding, and skills learned by using the previous version still apply to version 6.0. In this blog post I’ve written especially for VMinstall, I would like to highlight several changes that were implemented in version 6. What Makes vSphere 6 Better? 1. The vCenter server appliance, which previously had less capacity, is now on par with… [Read More]

Why DevOps Fails: How To Get Back On Track

Why DevOps Fails: How To Get Back On Track

Have you ever watched ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ with Gordon Ramsay? The show is about an English Chef who goes into mom & pop restaurants all over the US and works with the owners and staff to fix their failing operations. Usually by the end of a 60 minute episode (and with the magic of video editing) Gordon fixes all the problems. Each episode normally climaxes and ends with a big group hug and a lot of tears; then Gordon walks away into the night after making a snarky comment. You’re probably wondering how this relates with DevOps? Here’s how. If you’ve read… [Read More]