8 Updates That Make vSphere 6 Better – Keith Barker

vSphere 6

Editor’s note: Keith Barker has been a CBT Nuggets Trainer since 2012. Some of his many areas of expertise include VMware, Cisco and Security. Out with the Old, In with the New VMware vSphere recently updated from version 5.5 to 6.0. Fortunately, most of the knowledge, understanding, and skills learned by using the previous version still apply to version 6.0. In this blog post I’ve written especially for VMinstall, I would like to highlight several changes that were implemented in version 6. What Makes vSphere 6 Better? 1. The vCenter server appliance, which previously had less capacity, is now on par with… [Read More]

Why DevOps Fails: How To Get Back On Track

Why DevOps Fails: How To Get Back On Track

Have you ever watched ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ with Gordon Ramsay? The show is about an English Chef who goes into mom & pop restaurants all over the US and works with the owners and staff to fix their failing operations. Usually by the end of a 60 minute episode (and with the magic of video editing) Gordon fixes all the problems. Each episode normally climaxes and ends with a big group hug and a lot of tears; then Gordon walks away into the night after making a snarky comment. You’re probably wondering how this relates with DevOps? Here’s how. If you’ve read… [Read More]

How Listening to the David Linthicum Cloud Podcast Turned into a Goldmine of Cloud & DevOps Job Opportunities

David Linthicum Cloud Computing Podcast

Wow, you’re going to love this! I recently listened to the David Linthicum Cloud Computing Podcast where David was interviewing Gene Kim; you know Gene the guy who wrote The Phoenix Project DevOps Book? Anyways, I’d never heard of David before now so after listening to the podcast I decided to check the CloudTP.com website and what I found was a goldmine of like-minded professionals who love what I love: Technology, Cloud and DevOps. Why am I telling you this? At VMinstall.com, my goal is to not only to write about Shiny New Objects (SNO) but also to share exciting news… [Read More]

25 VMware Interview Questions: Tough & Technical

VMware Interview Questions

Hello and welcome to VMinstall. In this post I’ll share a list of 25 VMware interview questions that I have crafted to screen for the best talent to manage and support VMware vSphere. Why is my list any different from the hundreds of others on the web? Well, first of all, it’s not a VCP test brain-dump… Secondly, these interview questions are carefully crafted to narrow the talent pool to the most qualified, not the most memorized. These interview questions require hands on experience to answer! VMware Technical Interview Questions The list of questions below is intentionally broken up into… [Read More]

VMware Project Photon: Technical Review for Linux Admins

Project Photon

My quick and dirty review of Project Photon. I was very happy to read this week on virtualization news about a new project from VMware called Project Photon. Why was I happy? Well, because a couple of posts back I wrote about why VMware admins should learn OpenStack. And how Linux admins don’t prefer vSphere. I don’t have any proof to support my assumption except for my experience working with Linux Admins and hearing their complaints. When I saw Project Photon I smiled because I thought I just might be on-target about a Linux admin disconnect with VMware… I’m sure most VMware… [Read More]

VMware Jobs in Phoenix Arizona (Comparing Opportunities)

VMware jobs in Phoenix

Not All VMware Jobs Are The Same! It was in 2000 when I got my first request to install VMware software on someone’s desktop. At the time I was a curious help desk technician for Northrup Grumman in Yuma, Arizona. After the installation, I recall how fascinated my 2 coworkers and I were by this new technology that let multiple operating systems run on the same hardware. My, how things have changed. Now I live and work in Phoenix, Arizona, manage vSphere engineers, and from those simple days 15 years ago I never would have guessed VMware would be what it… [Read More]