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If you’re a beginner with VMware vSphere or virtualization and you want proven ideas and strategies for managing your cloud, VM Install is for you!

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In 2007, VM install (VMi) was started. Thinking back, those were exciting times with almost the whole future of virtual technology still ahead of us. Little did anyone know then the importance virtualization would play in The Cloud. Through the years VMi has grown and changed into a valuable learning resource for VMware beginners and IT managers. Today it’s loaded with history and important insight, VMi has become more than a technical howto blog. It’s a collection of lessons learned on service delivery best practices and experiences that beginners need to learn for managing and supporting their own cloud.

More than 150 Helpful Articles and Growing…

With over 150 virtualization articles covering VMware Tips, Best Practices, Howto’s, Checklists, and other important topics. Each post is to help guide you towards a better service. VMi helps new admins and IT managers get better at building and supporting clouds with tested techniques, advice, and tutorials from a seasoned professional skilled in Scrum, ITIL & DevOps.

VCP for Hire ebook linkVirtualization Career Tips

Another popular topic on VMi is about career tips for new VMware admins. Find resume tips and guidance on how to apply for VMware jobs, there are also virtualization job links to help you on your job search. And for managers there’s an eBook, VCP for Hire, to help you hire talent for your team. It includes example job descriptions, interview questions, and roles and responsibilities for VMware admins and engineers. All to help you find the best talent to build your cloud! And recently I’ve added a lesson about online DevOps training to get beginners started.

VMware Newbie Career Guide“Think Service First” is more than a Motto

What makes VMi different? Simple, valuable advice about IT Service Delivery Best Practices from a seasoned manager’s point of view. VMi is a well documented collection of the experiences that go back to 2007. It dives into managing vSphere installation and setup projects, disaster recovery, IT operations and Capacity Management. And there’s a treasure chest of  nuggets to help improve uptime and boost performance for supporting today’s high demand and growing business needs. Think Service First is about considering the customer who is using the service, first! And then designing the BEST user experience around them.

This, my friend, is the VMi difference.

VMware Technical Support can help solve your vSphere problems after they’ve happened. But VMware Beginners who come to VMi are interested in avoiding trouble from the get-go.  As a Newbie you want to deliver great services from the start, right? Learn to think BIGGER so you’ll design and build a better – USER experience!

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