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DevOps Toolchain: Download 3 Free Tools Used By Pros (Ansible, Git, Jenkins)

DevOps ToolsHack Your Resume with DevOps Skills

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about DevOps so I thought I’d share some free tools to get you started on your DevOps journey, and give you a starting place for hacking your resume with awesome skills and experience.

As discussed in my free DevOps eBook, DevOps is a term for the streamlined processes used to improve communication and work between Software Developers and IT Operations (A. K. A. SysAdmins).

Where do I start?

I’m always asked, “Where do I start?” a good question because when you search for DevOps tools there are pages and pages of search results about tools to pick from – it’s overwhelming where to begin. But in this lesson we’re going to narrow the search results for you and focus on 3 tools used by Pros already crushing-it with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Are you ready to get down to business? >> Continue Reading

Why Storage Engineer Skills Are HOT! (Can You Say Big Data?)

storage engineer3 BIG Skills New Storage Engineers Should Master ASAP…

Behind every successful business is data, lots of data. And behind all that data are lots and lots of gigabytes of storage.

Pick any of the more recent success stories: Airbnb, Uber, SpaceX, and you’ll find there are petabytes of data constantly getting crunched by Big Data algorithms.

Guess who’s behind the technical scene making sure all the data crunching is going on without any interruptions – THAT’S RIGHT – storage engineers (A.K.A. SAN Engineer)!

In this lesson we’ll go over 3 critical jobs many storage engineers do behind the scene that most CEOs don’t know are happening. We’ll break each job down into skillsets and as a bonus I’ll share related tough storage engineer interview questions you can use…


First off, let me be fair to hard-working storage engineers across the world because there are a lot of jobs they handle daily that nobody else can do. >> Continue Reading

I’m Amazed After Reading Rise of the Robots – Best Jobs In 2017 (You won’t Guess what’s going on!)

Martin Ford - Rise of the RobotsRise of the Robots by Martin Ford is the Best Book I read in 2016.

One word…WOW!

What you’ll learn in this quick book review is how robot technology will create amazing tech jobs in 2017 and beyond; if your skills are ready you’ll be one of the lucky few who benefits.

To begin with…

Martin covers how robots, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms are ramping up momentum and becoming adopted by large businesses.

And unlike what most people think, “robots or AI can only do simple jobs and tasks,” the truth is unbelievable.

So how does learning about robots and artificial intelligence fit into DevOps and Cloud?

I don’t want to spoil the book for you but DevOps and Cloud fit well with robotics, and Martin gives plenty of examples about universities and companies already developing their own AI technologies, many of these AI technologies are hosted in the cloud. >> Continue Reading

Microsoft DevOps: 25+ Power-Packed Windows SysAdmin Skills (NEW Guide!)

The Ultimat MSDevOps GuideWhat is Microsoft DevOps?

This is an interesting question because first off, most IT Managers don’t envision CI/CD for Microsoft products; the old way works just fine!

And, second, Microsoft DevOps is a concept not many Windows Admins have even considered either, until now – because, well, isn’t DevOps a Linux thing?

These mindsets are a BIG problem for CTOs because staying ahead of competitors building online-services using DevOps is going to become harder and harder if your IT Staff are still using old traditional “manual” build and deployment processes.

Let’s look at this from a different angle, for SysAdmins, I’m not suggesting leaving behind your hard-earned Windows CERTS and skills to become a DevOps Engineer working on a Linux stack. Or for managers, disrupting your current IT Operations…

What is Microsoft DevOps? CI/CD on Windows servers, using configuration management and automation to build, deploy and update servers and code.

Doesn’t this sound like what you’ve been yearning to learn how to do but you’re not sure how to start? >> Continue Reading

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