How To Avoid 5 Painful ESXi & Virtual Server Rookie Mistakes!


We’ve all made rookie mistakes before but some errors are painful long after we’ve learned our lesson, ouch… Warning! These FIVE mistakes will make “Best of Brand” hardware look bad: Not testing ESXi host configuration settings (DRS, Storage-DRS, HA). Not testing NEW hardware deployments (server, storage, and networking). Deploying virtual servers with over-provisioned resources (memory, CPU, and storage). Not testing virtual hardware configs (vNIC, vControllers, and vDisks). Not properly managing dependent resources and oversubscribing storage and networking. Do you want to know why it’s so critical for new vSphere admins to avoid these mistakes? One word, Trust! And here’s why…because […]

What Do Docker Containers Mean For Ops? (Find Out!)

Docker hub

Is Docker buzz worrying you? Years ago I had a guy on my team who had a cool saying for any time someone would get worked up about something. He would tell them… Keep your shoes on! Keeping Your Ops Shoes On Let’s face it, there’s always going to be something new coming along to change our world and we need to just adapt and learn to roll with the punches. Docker will not replace virtualization just like VMware has not replaced the need to buy hardware. In fact, if anything, it will just give creative Ops people more opportunities […]

3 Open Source Storage Software Alternatives For Beginners

open source storage software

Build Your Own Storage Solution! Reflecting on my trip to VMworld in 2009, I recall storage was already moving to the forefront of virtualization technologies. Hmm…has much changed in 5 years considering VMware’s announcement at VMworld 2014 was about VSAN? But stop right there because I’m not going to talk about VSAN right now. There’s something much more important I want to share today! Newbie Alert: This is especially important for beginners to know about! Do you know there are 3 storage options that most vendors are not talking about? No, these are not the traditional scale-up or scale-out storage […]

Let’s Talk Dirty Shutdowns (NetApp ONTAP Update Problems!)

dirty shutdown

Are Dirty Shutdowns causing your NetApp ONTAP Update to Loop? In this post I’ll share what I learned recently about NetApp ONTAP v8.x. Let’s talk “Dirty-Shutdowns!” Beginner Alert: Mark this page because some day you might need it. This is a must know for newbies managing NetApp storage. What are Dirty-Shutdowns? A dirty-shutdown can happen for a number of reasons, for example: A software bug has caused a filer to fail-over and trigger a loop. The “dirty-shutdown” is now keeping you from updating ONTAP to fix the bug. Or a loop was caused by a forced take-over during a normal […]

Free DevOps eBook Project (Read It Now!)

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Deliver GREAT Services! If there’s anything I’ve learned from all the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, it’s Deliver Great Services and people will be happy! So if there’s anything I hope you take away from reading the lessons I’ve shared on VM install, it’s this – Deliver GREAT Services! Fixing the problem. For far too long IT folks have focused way too much on technology and not enough on the service or customer. But this strategy doesn’t work anymore… That’s why a few years ago I started focusing my efforts on learning how to truly build and deliver GREAT […]

Huge Opportunity for Beginners: Online DevOps Training


Become Indispensable! “If you’re not indispensable (yet) it’s because you haven’t made that choice.” ~ Seth Godin ~ I set out to write another post but then I discovered how much opportunity is out there. It’s pent up! So my message needed to become URGENT… For a while now I’ve written about the importance of service delivery, but the need is now! The demand for IT operations staff with development skills is flooding the job market. Are you getting what I am saying? The trend is happening Now! As a manager who has hired 5 IT staff in the last […]

Re-Thinking Storage Architecture (Is VSAN A Better Plan For Failures?)


Bullet Proofing Storage! My body still cringes when I remember the moment I heard the news…”The storage crashed!” It was 4 years ago (2010) when I lived through a large-scale outage that was caused by a SAN failure.  Which BTW, according to experts, “Should have never happened”, but it did. For 7 straight days my team and I orchestrated the recovery of nearly 500 virtual servers that vanished when the storage crashed. Needless to say, it occurred during peak business hours. And hour after hour as we brought servers back online, I had the dreaded task of sending email updates to […]