What Makes the Difference? How to Get Noticed in the Crowd

What Makes The Difference?

dreaming of success? Learn to become different…

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference?

What you’re going to learn about:

  1. Dreamers…
  2. What MOVERS are?
  3. The “COMPOUNDING” Strategy
  4. A Learning Platform Unlike Any Other
  5. How Knowledge Is Your Accelerator
  6. Investment in Your Success
  7. How to become Different (unique)!

Let’s begin with a quick tale about dreamers.

On an extremely crowded and busy day every year, 1000s of men and women graduate from high schools, trade schools, and universities. Many of these people are similar. They love tech and want a career in Information Technology.

Some of these graduates are better than average students and completed their classes with all “A’s” for grades. But honestly, they’re all proud of themselves as they should be – and they’re filled with hope and dreams of doing something they love to do in the technology field.

This celebration of accomplishment happens year after year (often multiple times per year). Everywhere – students graduating with dreams of success…

A lot of these graduates will end up working for the same great companies – doing similar entry-level work. Both the above-average students who got all “A’s” and those who barely passed their classes with “C’s”.

But after a few months or even a year, something totally unexpected happens. Some of the less-than-average students seem to be making more progress. They’ve been promoted to vSphere Administrators, Hybrid Cloud Administrators, and DevOps Engineers.

This happened while some of other dreamers, who got better grades, are still working at entry-level jobs.


Do you wonder why some people get noticed and promoted faster than others – what makes the difference? It isn’t intelligence, talent, or desire because some of the “Movers” didn’t do as well in school. And it definitely isn’t because they want to succeed more…

Let me just tell you what the difference is. The difference is what each person knows – their unique technical skills and their drive to keep learning new skills. And that’s what you’re going to learn about in this lesson. How you can become a dreamer with the secret sauce that will make you different, and get you noticed and promoted. But first, you have to become a MOVER.

Look, the whole purpose of VMinstall is to give you the knowledge that you didn’t get in school. The knowledge that will get you noticed when it’s turned into unique technical skills through studying the tips and how-to lessons on my tech blog.

But that’s not everything. For you to really learn, you’ll need to dedicate time regularly to watch training videos and practice over and over. Keep practicing until the awesome secret sauce sinks into your brain. This is all going to happen while everyone else is binge-watching their life away on Netflix reruns. You’re moving ahead.

In the time it takes to watch a season of “Stranger Things” (around 7.5 hours), you can start mastering powerful skills like Powershell and Terraform scripting. Both of these rare scripting skills are desperately needed by businesses everywhere with apps in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


A “COMPOUNDING” strategy focuses on developing skills that are in-demand and scarce – versus – just relying on a degree or CERT because they seem popular or cool.

Movers are always watching for trends, and without anyone asking them, they quickly enroll in a new course and learn new skills that put them ahead of everyone else.

This is why Movers have an advantage over YOU because they’re already prepared to work on new technologies while their coworkers are passed over. Anyone can use the “COMPOUNDING” strategy and become a Mover…

Let me tell you where I’ve gotten my training for vSphere, DevOps, Cloud, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, and the other cool technologies I’ve written about on VMinstall. I get my online training at Udemy.

That’s right. If I’ve written about DIFFERENT technology I didn’t know because I took a Udemy video course to learn more than the buzzwords. The home PC I’m writing this from is loaded with virtual machine labs. My favorite VM has Anaconda installed. I love using Jupyter notebooks to learn new skills.

A Learning Platform Unlike Any Other

What I really enjoy about Udemy is that it’s a DIFFERENT type of online training platform. It’s the web’s first pay-per-use learning platform that doesn’t require a subscription. And each day new courses are added by subject matter experts with hands-on experience from every technology field.

It’s great that every day, Udemy’s catalog grows and new and more interesting courses for DevOps-minded people are added. Not just training about coding and cloud but about anything and everything in the whole, fast-paced, and constantly changing world of technology.

Udemy is an on-demand place for all your training – when you need it. No matter where you are in your career or life…

Knowledge Is Your Accelerator

Right now, I’m looking at the home page of Udemy, the best on-demand training platform online in my opinion. It combines the ease of use similar to Amazon.com – but for learning. Every phase of the search for a topic is simple. I see courses on Cloud Development, 3D Modeling, Data Science, DevOps Toolchain, Terraform, Quantum Computing (for goodness’ sake), and more…

There’s page after page of search results filled with lists of fascinating courses that are useful for whatever new tech you’re working on right now. Udemy also gives you a star rating and detailed customer reviews – feedback into what people think and say about the courses and instructors.

Udemy is also a place to find out which skills are in high demand by using search filters to locate training based on Most Reviewed, Highest Rated, Newest, Lowest Price, and Highest Price. You can learn the most demanding DevOps skills that are DIFFERENT. And, there are 3 helpful sections – “Top Rated,” “Trending,” and “New and Noteworthy,” to help you quickly find the best courses for you.

If you’ve never used Udemy, you can’t imagine what you’re missing out on. I’ll share a link below.

Money-Saving, On-Demand, No Subscriptions

Test it out for yourself with some free training – it’s the perfect way to get acquainted with Udemy. There are many free courses for you to choose from to start.

Or, you may prefer to take advantage of a sale going on for a course you want to take. Very often, for less than a movie ticket, you get the highest-rated full-length video course you want. But that’s not all, it’s taught with step-by-step instructions by an expert on the topic.

Simply search for a technology you want to learn, add it to your cart, create an account – and if it’s a free course you can start watching. If you decide to buy a course then you can pay with PayPal or CreditCard.

And here’s Udemy’s guarantee: should your Udemy course not measure up to your expectations, within 30 days you can request a full refund for your payment – no questions asked.

If you feel as I do that this training opportunity makes sense, then you’ll want to find out as soon as possible if Udemy can do for you what it’s done for so many Movers. Find a vSphere, DevOps, Cloud, or course on whatever you want to learn. Start letting Udemy serve you on-demand training immediately and get moving, too.

As we wrap up, about all those students I mentioned in the beginning who graduated together – you want to know what made some of them move up faster than the others?

It was knowledge turned into unique technical skills. And when the opportunity presented itself, like it always does, the Movers are ready!

An Investment in Your Success

I can’t promise you that success will be instantly yours if you study my guides or use Udemy. But I can guarantee VMinstall and Udemy will always be a place where you can learn new, interesting and useful skills that will give you more opportunities for your future.

Finally, do you want to know how to make a difference? Be the person with DIFFERENT skills who can do the work!

Wishing all your dreams come true,


You might be surprised to find deals on Udemy training that are 90% off the price of the training you’re interested in taking. Here’s my link for our training recommendations so you can get more details: visit Udemy.

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