It Works! VMware Workstation + Windows 8 + MAC OS X

Run Mac 10.7.1 Lion Os X From VmwareI don’t own a MAC so I thought I would have some fun and see if all the “Buzz” is true about running MAC OS X on a Windows 8 System (lab system with pre-release) using VMware Workstation.

After a couple of hours of downloading and tweaking, re-downloading, and re-tweaking, I can tell you that it does work, kinda!

Before you get too excited let me qualify it by saying “don’t get your hopes up too high” because it won’t replace your Windows.

Not Like Fusion or Parallels

Unlike running Windows on a MAC using Parallels or Fusion, running Lion on a Windows 8 System is clunky and slow. And because the image you are installing has been hacked by someone to make it work, updating Lion crashes the install so I recommend taking snapshots or clones so you can start over until you get things working.

VMware 8 MAC (is there such a thing?)

After about 5 tries I was able to get VMware Workstation, Windows 8, and MAC Lion running pretty smooth, I also hacked (applekey “S” at boot) and reset the root since I didn’t know who created the image and I didn’t want someone from a strange place accessing my vMAC or vLion (vmware 8 mac).

Here’s the link for you to Try It

Warning! Always scan images for Root-kits

If you have the time to spare or you just have to see for yourself here is the link> Install and Run Mac 10.7.1 Lion OS X from VMware Pre Installed Image (Note: all the links for downloading the MAC image can be found at SYSPROBS)

Try VMware Workstation 8 Free for 30 days!()


How to install macOS on Virtualbox

Note: Running MAC OS X on a Windows system or any hardware other than Apple hardware is not supported or approved by Apple.

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