ConVirt: Free Management Software for KVM, Xen and VMware

ConvirtAs a follow up to my recent post Life Beyond vSphere, I thought it would be good to share some news about a free DEV and QA Lab Manager Software for KVM and Xen- ConVirt.

Here’s What ConVirture has to say About ConVirt Open Source:

ConVirt Open Source is the leading open source product for managing Xen and KVM, enabling you to standardize and proactively manage your virtualized environment in a centralized fashion. With ConVirt, you can create and provision “gold” images, diagnose performance problems, and balance load across the data center, all from a highly interactive Web-based interface and with consistent feature set across open source virtualization platforms. As an open source product, ConVirt Open Source is free to download and use. With a large user community and the commercial backing of Convirture, companies large and small use ConVirt as the strategic solution to their virtualization management needs. (read more)

 VMware Integration

ConVirture’s next Beta release is supposed to add VMware integration to it’s enterprise version which currently lists cloud integration with EC2, OpenStack and Eucalyptus, as well as KVM and Xen. The release date of the ConVirt Beta that offers VMware integration is August 28, which is timed perfect for VMworld.

I am looking forward to test driving ConVirt Beta because I’v been looking for a solution that allows a seamless single point of management for VMware, KVM and Xen. Currently my environment is managed by multiple products (vCenter and OpenStack) and ConVirt sounds like a possible solution that will allow a single pane of glass for managing multiple hypervisors and environments.

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Feel free to download the open source copy of ConVirt to do your own testing, and let me know what you think?

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