VMware Resume Tips: Get Noticed with These 5 Tweaks

Vmware Resume Tips For Vcp

These VMware resume tips will help you get noticed! But nailing the interview and getting the job is up to you…

Tweaking Your VMware Resume

1. Where have you worked? No Duh, right? Stay with me!

VMware resume tips (tweak) #1 – Get this…Employers with large complex virtual environments will often get selected by “Best in Class” vendors to share their success stories at tech conferences.

If you work for a company that has been in the news – promote it on your resume, especially if you were one of the people behind the scene doing the work.

2. How long have you been supporting VMware products? 

This should include details about which products and versions. If you’ve developed your skills from ESX 2.0 through ESXi 5.0, then those details should be on your resume.

If you’ve set up and configured Lab Manager, vCloud Director, or any other VMware products, include them. As a manager, I want to know this is not the first time someone has done something. Add it even if it’s been in your personal test lab.

3. Do you have scripting skills? 

Perl, .Net, PowerShell and Ruby scripting skills are key to automation, and anyone having good or great scripting skills should note them on their resume in “Bold” letters.

4. Project involvement? 

Explain your VMware project involvement in high-level details, especially if it was: server or data center consolidation, automation, associated with a 3rd party cloud like Amazon, or setup and configuration of virtual desktops (View or XenDesktop). More projects are better.

5. Do you have a VCP? 

A VCP Certification is a good way to get noticed, VCP 5 is even better because it saves the business from having to use budget dollars to get you trained and certified. In today’s world – training budgets get cut first. 🙁  

Also worth noting are certifications for other technologies.

VMware Resume Bonus Tip! 

Your experience and involvement supporting or administering storage (SAN or NAS), and networks (Cisco or others). This is very good information that can set your resume apart from others with lesser skills.

Interview Tip; Don’t be afraid to jump up to a whiteboard and draw an environment out when you’re answering questions. Practice this and have something fresh in your mind before you go to the interview.

I’ve covered 6 key areas I look for when reviewing resumes for VMware support positions.

  1. Where have you worked?
  2. Length and type of experience?
  3. Scripting skills?
  4. Project involvement?
  5. VCP certified?
  6. Storage and network experience?

If you are fortunate enough to get an interview and even better, the job – live up to your resume! Nothing is more frustrating than to hire someone who said all the right things and then couldn’t back it up with action. Hit the ground running and don’t look back!

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Your turn! Do you have VMware resume tips and advice to share?


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