Amazon Cloud Tool Makes Migration From VMware vCloud a Breeze

 Amazon VMImport Tool

Wow, is Amazon making it too easy to migrate VMDK files to EC2?

I was reading about EC2 and found the following set of instructions very interesting. These step by step instructions might be useful for anyone using vCloud (vSphere) and is considering migration to Amazon Cloud, AWS.

What is Amazon Up to?

There’s no doubt in my mind Amazon wants to make it as easy as they can to get your VMware VM right over to EC2.

Resource link:

Alternatively, if you use the VMware vSphere virtualization platform, you can use the Amazon EC2 VM Import Connector for VMware vCenter, which provides you a simple graphical user interface to import your virtual machines. To get started with the Connector:

  • Download the Amazon EC2 VM Import Connector for VMware vCenter
  • Install the Connector vApp on your vCenter Server. The Connector will appear as a new tab in the VMware vSphere client.
  • Using your VMware vSphere Client, select the virtual machine you’d like to import to Amazon EC2
  • On the Import to EC2 tab, select the Region, Availability Zone, operating system, instance size, security group, and VPC details (if desired) into which the virtual machine should be imported and initiate the import process.
  • Launch the Amazon EC2 instance when the import process has completed.
Note: The vmimport file is a 437MB virtual appliance that you need to import into vCenter.

So I’m wondering if VMware is so bold as to publish on their website a tool to migrate EC2 VMs over to vSphere – VMConverter?

Do you have more questions or comments about the Amazon VMImport Tool, please let us know?

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