VMware vSphere Alternatives: OpenStack, SmartCloud, CloudStack

VMware vSphere AlterativesSorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s time to start learning about VMware vSphere Alternatives such as: OpenStack, SmartCloud, CloudStack?

vSphere Alternatives

Since the 90s I’ve been on the VMware bandwagon and have honed my VMware product skills and experience through 6 generations of Hypervisors including GSX, if you want to consider GSX a Hypervisor – that is?

I admit, I’ve dabbled here and there with Hyper-V, XenServer and VirtualBox, but nothing serious because VMware has always been on the cutting edge of virtualization (virtualization) and cloud technology. Even my blog is 99.9% about VMware products, tips and best practices…but there are vSphere alternatives we need to start considering if we want to keep our jobs.

Read the Writing on the Wall

In keeping up with the news this weekend, I found this article by Jack McCarthy alarming: VMware Shows Strength As Private Cloud Platform Provider. On the surface Jack’s data puts VMware in a commanding lead over the competition, however, from a technology perspective if all you know is VMware vSphere and ESXi, then you are only skilled on 34% of what businesses are using for their virtual infrastructures and private clouds. Take a closer look at the chart above from Jack’s article.

Do you see what I see?

Potentially, 66% of the virtualization market is not using VMware products. Do you have the skills to make the transition from ESXi to KVM, or from vCloud Director to OpenStack?

Is it time that we start looking outside the box and become experts with VirtualBox and Eucalyptus? Not to mention all the alternatives to VMware View that have sprang up, and Citrix is not playing games with XenDesktop or XenClient… Read more about other virtual machine software.

It Could Get Ugly

VMware is not going out of business any time soon but it’s going to get ugly for the die-hard VCP and VCDX who love VMware more than network engineers love Cisco. My recommendation is to keep your options opened and always keep learning new technologies. Never put all your virtual eggs in one basket (pardon the pun).

VMware is doing some great stuff, but I have seen over the last few years a turn for the worst where they have killed off perfectly good products, or make costly licensing changes, in order to force their customers into a more expensive options: vRam, Update Manager and Lab Manager are a few examples that come to mind.


Lets see how the year pans out and if there are anymore big announcements from the big players – Oracle, Cisco and Citrix are hungry! And there’s always Amazon AWS whom so far has stayed in the public cloud, but if VMware starts buying cloud providers… it could get ugly for vSphere alternatives!


Well the new year has begun with VMware cleaning house on their top LEADERSHIP, and the new leadership setting new expectations on PUBLIC cloud. Read more about the new VMware.

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