vKernel CapacityVIEW is Free and Works!

Yesterday I saw a demos of the vKernel CpacityVIEW tool that is a free download from vKernels website. It sums up some the more complete tool like Capacity Analyzer into one page. Which is a good thing if you ever use the Capacity Analyzer tool. Aside from the huge product links on the dashboard, it’s worth trying out.  (download)


Capacity Alerting

CapacityVIEW collects CPU, memory and storage allocations and utilization levels. It then analyzes this data to provide you with desktop Capacity alerts concerning:

  • Virtual machine I/O Latency
  • Under-provisioned memory, CPU, storage
  • Low capacity for new deployments
  • Over-provisioned memory, CPU, storage

Deployment Statistics

You get an easily accessible, desktop view to how your virtualization resources are deployed. This valuable information allows you see the efficiency of your environment and how it can be improved and includes:

  • # of VMs, hosts, data stores, clusters, etc.
  • Total available CPU, memory and storage
  • Resources allocated as a % of available capacity

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