Practice Makes for the Best Virtual Environments

Vmware Expertise

I really do think the Best Virtual Environment are Designed and Maintained by the Best Virtualization Engineers because “practice does make perfect.”

This post is dedicated to my friend’s, associates, and counterparts who go un-noticed by managers and VPs who just don’t get it.

You are the brains behind the magic that virtualizes all those servers. You make VMware look easy, even though we know it’s all smoke and mirrors and a lot of technical management on our end.

Kudos to You!

All software tools aside, the best virtual environment are designed and maintained by the best virtualization engineers.

These are men and women who know what it takes to make sure their virtual infrastructures are maximized and operating to their fullest performance and capacity.

  • You keep up with the trends and best practices.
  • You attend conferences and read boring white papers.
  • You pay the price and in the end what you get out of it is the pride of knowing you designed and built something great…

People Make Things Work Not Software…

So much nowadays is credited to costly software and hardware; however, from my experience it’s more like the professional pit-team that supports a champion NASCAR driver. The team makes the difference and the driver gets the glory.

Winners generally have the best pit-teams. And, the best virtual infrastructure will have the best virtualization engineers – you can’t have one without the other.

Word of advice! Any IT manager planning to convert to virtual infrastructure – hire Virtualization Engineers who see the big picture and have the experience to get you where you are going!

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