OpenStack for Beginners (Alternatives for VMware)

Openstack-Cloud-SoftwareOpenStack for Beginners

Over the last year, I’ve seen a shift happening in the virtual world that looks very positive for the founders of OpenStack.

Alternative for vSphere

And even VMware has jumped on the bandwagon…

…But all too concerning that VMware will eventually acquire the open-source cloud software company that powers many of the cloud infrastructures that have not been adopters of VMware.

Cloud Providers

OpenStack has also been a popular choice for hosting companies such as HP Cloud, Rackspace, and Ulticloud.


And OpenStack has a large community (mostly Linux enthusiast) that have made OpenStack a successful product that is continuing to gain market share and make converts of VMware’s community.

Getting started with OpenStack

Downloading the OpenStack Code

OpenStack Basics – Overview Video

 OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook (More Info)

Over 100 recipes to successfully set up and manage your OpenStack cloud environments with complete coverage of Nova, Swift, Keystone, Glance, and Horizon

OpenStack is an open Source cloud operating stack born from Rackspace and NASA which is now a global success, developed and supported by scores of people around the globe and backed by some of the leading players in the cloud space today.
OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook will show you exactly how to install the components that are required to make up a private cloud environment. You will learn how to set up an environment that you manage, just as you would do with AWS or Rackspace.

From Installing Nova in a Virtual Environment to installing OpenStack in the Datacenter, from understanding logging to securing your OpenStack environment, whatever level of experience or interest you have with OpenStack there are recipes that guide you through the journey. Installation steps cover Compute, Swift, Keystone, Nova Volumes, Glance and Horizon.

What you will learn from this book?

  • Understand, install and configure Nova, OpenStack’s Cloud Compute resource.
  • Learn how to install Swift, how it operates with practical recipes to troubleshooting and maintaining OpenStack’s Object Storage service.
  • Configure Keystone, OpenStack’s Identity Service which underpins the authentication of all¬†OpenStack services.
  • Master the complete private cloud stack from scaling out compute resources to managing swift services for highly redundant, highly available storage.
  • ¬†Practical, real-world examples of each service are built upon in each chapter allowing you to progress with the confidence that they will work in your own environments.
Who this book is written for?

How to install OpenStack on VMware?

The quickest way to install OpenStack on VMware is to use the VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance.

What is VOVA?

VOVA is a virtual appliance that helps VMware users get hands-on with OpenStack running on vSphere, fast.

Like many other appliances, you just import it right into vCenter.

OpenStack Quick Start in 3 Easy Steps

1. Download the 3.0 GB file*. Here’s the link¬†VOVA Download¬†(updated link)

*Please note this is a beta product.

2. Watch this video that shows you how easy this is.

VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance Video

3. Read the VOVA deployment instructions (PDF).

Note: The VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance is a proof of concept from the VMware Labs but it’s great for getting started.

For more assistance please visit the VOVA community.


OpenStack for beginners was written to help new admins get started down the open-source cloud software path. Step-by-step installation guides, source code download, a video overview, and a recommendation for a good book on installation and support of OpenStack – all in one place for entry-level beginners. OpenStack is a VMware alternative with plenty of potential…


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