5 Step Remedy for Curing New Manager Jitters

New Manager JittersWorried? Don’t worry, you’re not the only new manager who feels too small for the job.

But the truth is you don’t have much time to prove you can handle the task.

The first step is the hardest. Actually the second one is pretty hard too. Heck…I never said it would be easy. Just kidding!

Now, let’s begin.

Face it, new managers make mistakes.

But here are 5 lessons I learned that can instantly cut down on your mistakes and help you make a positive difference.

1. Be yourself.

Remember they hired or promoted you for who you are. Don’t ruin it by trying to be someone else.

The person who showed up to the interview is the person they decided was right for the job. And unless you figured out how to fool everyone, then just be you!

2. When you error, admit it.

In today’s world of instant news updates via cell phones, people find out very fast how you handle yourself.

And handling a bad situation badly can make the social news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn within seconds.

Character takes years to build, but can crumble in minutes if you become the point of bad comments. Or worst yet, in the eyes and ears of the people you are responsible for managing.

Nobody is perfect and people don’t like phonies. Admit your error and then move on.

Bonus Tip! Be wise and learn quickly from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Also don’t let ego fool you into believing your own bull.

3. Give lots of compliments.

People like to be noticed for their ideas and hard work. So take time to notice small stuff and compliment it in public and via emails.

Learn to find something good to say in almost everything. And when you can’t find something good to say, keep your mouth shut.

Also, do not let others bash either, especially in your presence.

4. Don’t be a grouch.

Nobody likes to work for a grouchy boss.

I know some people think they can’t change their spots but the truth is they are just trying to justify being a JERK.

Also grouchy bosses like to compare themselves to Steve Jobs. Please don’t do that. You are not Steve Jobs, you are you so don’t fool yourself.

If someone does something wrong, chastise them privately with respect. You would expect the same.

Be likable.

5. Be a shield.

Wimpy bosses make people sick (the higher up the ladder they are, the more sickening).

You want to make a difference, right? Then give your team someone who will make them feel you have their back if things go bad. Stick up for them.

If you can do this, then they will make you proud by doing great things.

But fail to protect them and they will be complacent and only do the least amount of work required to get by without drawing any attention.

Don’t be a wimp.

Bonus Tip! There are many books and strategies about waiting 90 – 100 days before acting. But balance analysis with action and start adding value as soon as possible. Why? Because businesses today need people who can act.


Take only as directed for new manager jitters. Combine these lessons learned daily, balanced with taking action, and your confidence will grow as people working with you start acknowledging your value and leadership. Caution. After effects may include making you a better manager.

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