Is Virtualisation a Parallel Universe of Virtualization?

Virtualisation BlogDo you realize that Google has about 22,300,000 results for “virtualisation?” Is there that many people spelling virtualization wrong because even WordPress and Microsoft Word kept trying to auto-correct the spelling to virtualization?

Doing a little research I found Wikipedia has caught on and has the following virtualisation description (full post link):

“In computing, virtualization (or virtualisation) is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as a hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or network resources.”

I even found a really long article on ComputerWeekly with this incorrect spelling: Virtualisation making IT more cost effective.

Virtualisation Software

Related searches for Virtualisation:

Does that mean somewhere in another universe there is a VMware Virtualisation Software or Hyper-V and XenServer Virtualisation Software?

As you can see in the Google search (left) there are 10 topic variations all using the virtualisation spelling.

Did you mean: Virtualization

If you happen to be someone looking for the virtualisation topic that refers to Virtual Machines or Servers, or data virtualization,  then please change your Google search to “Virtualization” and the results will increase to about 45,600,000…

I hope this post has helped since the top results of this spelling weren’t providing the most relevant content on the topic.


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