Free Offical Amazon VPC & EC2 Cloud Guides for Beginners

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide

Free Cloud Guides for Beginners

Are you researching Amazon’s AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Services?

At VMi, I’m always looking for great offers to help beginners!

In this post I’m sharing 2 cloud help guides I’ve found to get you started if you’re planning on using Amazon’s Cloud.

These 2 free guides will help you decide whether to start with a virtual private server or whether your ready to dive right into their Elastic Compute Cloud.

Here’s what these FREE guides cover:

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud enables you to create a virtual network topology including subnets and routing for your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) resources.

This guide explains how to use Amazon VPC through the AWS Management Console.

 Download the VPC guide for free!

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) User Guide

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Ec2 User Guide

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Amazon Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

This guide explains the infrastructure provided by the Amazon EC2 web service, and steps you through how to configure and manage your virtual servers using the AWS Management Console (an easy-to-use graphical interface), the Amazon EC2 API, or web tools and utilities.
Amazon EC2 provides resizable computing capacity to handle your specific needs. Amazon’s self service data centers let you choose the right server for your software systems.
 Download the EC2 guides for free!

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