Best IT Training For Beginners: How To Escape A Dead End Job With New Skills (Updated)

best it trainingBest IT Training For BeginnersJoe here, thanks for dropping by!

My guess is – 1 of 2 clicks brought you here. You’re searching for the Best IT Training and/or you clicked on an old training offer link that is no long valid. And #2, you want out of a Dead End Job…

In a minute we’ll cover both. But let me warn you now, as usual, I am going to be straight-up as we cover both topics!

Hopefully, before you leave, you’ll understand how important relevant skills are for getting ahead.

And, yes, how important skills are for escaping dead-end jobs…

It’s going to be good but, you’re welcome to skip to the bottom for the links.

How To Escape A Dead End Job

This quick lesson is meant to motivate beginners and guests struggling with their career. Or anyone looking for a way forward…

You see, over the years I’ve interviewed people for VMware, Citrix, Linux, Windows, Storage and DevOps jobs, and it never surprises me how unprepared people are for seizing opportunities.

I’ll say it again. Unprepared for seizing opportunities!

While I’ve got your attention let me explain what I mean with 3 examples hiring managers deal with while looking for people to fill our job opportunities:

First off, we want to see clear and relevant resumes that match the job description. Is that too much to ask for? But most of the time resumes don’t have proper formatting and key skills are not relevant. Or key skills and experience aren’t even on the resume.


Do hiring managers and yourself a favor. If you aren’t going to submit a decent resume, don’t apply for the job.

Second, we want someone with the right mindset for the job. Make a great first impression! Is it too much to ask for you to be on time? Or to ask you to not mumble, be clear. Or to know what you’re talking about during interview calls?

It’s extremely annoying when someone applies for a VMware job and when I call them to do a screening interview they don’t know the first thing about vCenter.

And the same goes for Windows and Citrix jobs.

Again. Don’t waste your time or the hiring manager’s time sending in your bloated resume.

Know your stuff! Be relevant!

Third, be a go-getter!  Show up to the interview prepared to take the job and own it. Display confidence and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Be ready to explain how you will make a difference if you are hired.

KaBOOM! Now that’s what hiring managers want to hear…:)

[bctt tweet=”If you aren’t going to submit a decent resume, don’t apply for the job.” username=”PivOps”]

This is all coming from the heart…

If you want to get ahead or you want more meaning in your job then here’s the secret – you need to invest in yourself.

In a minute, I’ll give you the link so you can check out all the training options for DevOps, VMware Windows, Linux or Cloud.

But here’s what seems to always happen…

Chances are, you’ll watch a few FREE demos, read a few reviews, and then leave without investing one cent on you!

Hey, that’s your choice and I see it all the time.

But you know what?

It won’t get you anywhere.

You’ll continue as a junior system admin, tech support or help desk representative.

Or worse, stuck in a dead-end call center job…

This may sound harsh now, but you know it’s true.

Do you want to stay doing the same job for another year? Or do you want more meaning…

Listen, if you’re tired of your job then the solution to all 3 problems I just listed above comes down to you making up you mind to change…

Here’s your new mindset and strategy:

  1. Stop sending out crappy-bloated resumes. If needed, get professional help and turn your resume into a highly relevant sales page about you.
  2. Make a great first impression. Show up to the call or face-to-face interview on-time, beaming with confidence, and ready to own it.
  3. Like I said, present yourself as a go-getter, ready to make a difference. Think in terms of adding value.

If you apply these 3 tips and have the skills to back it up, I guarantee you’ll get job offers!

Listen, people leave me comments all the time asking for short-cuts. The truth is, there are no short-cuts. It takes practice and repetition to develop expertise.

Now here’s what I want you to do next…

When you get to the training site use the search to find training for VMware, Cloud, DevOps or pick from 1000s of other classes. By then you should have made-up your mind to INVEST in becoming an Awesome IT Professional!

Best IT Training For Beginners

Click here to invest in YOUR training (Paid Version).

Or Click here for FREE Tips, Guides & Lessons…

Invest in becoming an Awesome IT Professional and Opportunities will find You!

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