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Are you overwhelmed by all the resources available for VMware, Cloud Computing and DevOps – and you don’t know where to start?

But you know deep down you need to get going, NOW! That’s why I’ve made it easy for you…Start with the Basics!

Let’s start with a taste of 25 must read tips and lessons beginning with books:

1. The Phoenix Project is a novel by Gene Kim that will help anyone wanting to understand DevOps. Gene uses a story to show how DevOps works. This is a good place to start if you want to learn about DevOps from a business or personal perspective.

2. VMware is always changing but some of the fundamentals have stayed the same almost since the beginning of vSphere. Mastering VMware vSphere 6 and Mastering vSphere 5.5 are both books that go deep into the way vSphere is set up and managed. Scott Lowe and Nick Marshall are both experts on the topic and these are excellent reference books to have at work.

3. Finding a good book on Cloud Computing really comes down to necessity. There are bunches of books written on the topic of cloud, but depending on the cloud service provider you choose to use changes the way you will support your applications.

My point here is Clouds are not the same: AWS, Azure, VMware Air and Google all have unique offerings.

Sure, IaaS is similar (spin up VMs), but the real magic is in PaaS or Platform as a Service. And unless you are a startup or just spinning up a WordPress website, I suggest finding cloud books that are specific to the business or project needs. (Don’t waste money on general cloud books!)

4. Docker Containers is another topic I recommend having a basic understanding about. The Docker Book by James Turnbull is easy read and it covers a lot (Read my review).

5. Virtualization Changes Everything: Storage Strategies for VMware & Cloud Computing by Vaughn Stewart is another book I suggest reading and keeping at work (Read my review).

Coming up next we’ll look at Training Options, Job Tips and Interview Questions, and then we’ll finish up with goodies for beginners. I suggest reading them all.

IT Training (Free and Paid Resources)

6. Huge Opportunity for Beginners: Online DevOps Training – this lesson covers multiple skills you should develop if you are interested in becoming an automation engineer (DevOps).

7. IT Training for Beginners (Alternatives & Freebies) – in this lesson I share a list of free and paid resources for online training.

8. Becoming a DevOps Engineer: A Personal Interview with Bobby Lopez – this is an interview I had with an Automation Engineer (DevOps/Cloud).

9. FREE VMware Career Guide for Beginners – this is a free eBook I wrote that covers common question new admins have. (Download it, it’s free)

Technology Job Tips & Interview Questions

10. 10 Reasons VMware Admins Should Boost OpenStack Skills – a must read if you want to be indispensable.

11. 25 VMware Interview Questions: Tough & Technical (Download) – a free resource for hiring managers.

12. 10 Tough Incident Manager Interview Questions (Download) – another must read if you want to become an incident manager.

13. 30 Linux Interview Questions: Passion Pays Off Big! – this lesson demonstrates the systematic approach on how I write interview questions.

14. Accelerate Your Career — 11 HOT IT Jobs in 2016 & HOT Jobs in 2017 (Apply NOW) – a must read comprehensive assessment on which jobs are hot in today’s job market.

15. How to Hire an IT Manager (Free Hiring Kit) – this is a complete hiring kit, including IT Manager Interview Questions.

More Resources for Beginners…

16. VMware for Beginners: Collection of 16 Virtualization Basics (Part 1)

17. 17 Virtualization Basics: Part 2 for VMware Beginners

18. OpenStack for Beginners (Alternatives for VMware)

19. DevOps For Beginners (5 Step Guide)

20. 3 Open Source Storage Software Alternatives For Beginners

21. VMware vSphere Manager’s Guide for Beginners

22. VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Guide for Beginners

23. Udemy – My Favorite Online Learning Resource

Bonus #1. Virtual Machine Software: Top 10 Alternatives

Bonus #2.  Virtualization Jobs Are Hot! (How To Hack Your Resume)

Still hungry for more? Well, let’s keep going…

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