Best Online DevOps Training Videos (Learn Powerful New Skills Today)

Best DevOps Online Training

DevOps is evolving by the day, and so are the tools, methods, and technologies that admins and developers are using.

And as hard as you try, keeping up with all the changes isn’t going so well, even with you keeping a journal.

This problem is especially real if you work in a hybrid environment that has Apps all over the place; in the cloud and on-premise (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS all mixed together).

Then to make things harder for you, it also seems like a new tool gets added to the DevOps toolchain weekly, which is another challenge everyone, including beginners, have to deal with all the time.

Step By Step System For Learning

Things are about to change because I’m about to show you my system to target the most relevant skills for you to learn. But that’s now all, I’m also going to show you where to get the best online DevOps training videos with step by step teaching by experienced DevOps Engineers.

DevOps is Evolving

The first thing I want to say is this – if you’ve failed at DevOps training in the past, it’s not your fault…

I mean it!

There are a lot of DevOps training videos on the net, and it’s confusing deciding which ones provide the right instruction.

Many times information overload keeps you from success – there’s just too many training choices because DevOps is evolving daily, and so are the tools!

And this is why if you’ve been feeling you can’t succeed with DevOps, I want you to put those feelings to rest.

You can learn DevOps. You just need the right person to explain step by step to you.

DevOps Certificates

Ignorant people want you to think you need a lot of certificates or an expensive college degree to be successful with DevOps tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Chef or any other new automation or configuration management tools.

I’m here to tell you they’re wrong because I’ve seen successful DevOps engineers emerge from Linux admins who learned new skills on their own time using step by step training videos…

But we know vendors have their reasons for wanting you to think you need expensive training, it’s not true.

The difference here is I care about your success and genuinely want you to succeed as a DevOps Engineer.

Read the comments that visitors have left me below and you’ll see for years my goal on VMinstall has been to help people like you to see the big picture and learn what matters.

What matters to me is teaching you to see the big picture!

I know you have goals to be different and I want to show you how to make that happen right now.

Learning DevOpsListen:

VMinstall gets 100s of visits per month from people looking for information about DevOps.

  • What is DevOps?
  • How to learn DevOps?
  • What are top DevOps tools?

And a hundred other questions about DevOps that bring people to my guides about the best DevOps skills or the best DevOps strategy that works.

It’s humbling, but they come because they find my guides trustworthy!

I enjoy what I do and have been helping people learn DevOps skills since 2010. And over the years, I’ve watched the tech industry evolved from legacy data center operations supported by small decentralized teams of network, storage, and server admins into modern, fast-paced, centralized teams of highly skilled DevOps gurus.

The Phoenix Project was a novel about DevOps, but most IT managers who read it don’t begin to understand what it takes to build a DevOps culture which is why in most cases DevOps fails to make a difference.

Let’s forget about DevOps for now and focus on you…

Become Indispensable!

“If you’re not indispensable (yet) it’s because you haven’t made that choice.” 

That’s a quote from one of my favorite books by author ~ Seth Godin ~


I set out to write another guide but then while I was researching the data, I realized how much opportunity is waiting for the right people that the right skills…

The opportunity I’m referring to is pent-up and ready to burst open because businesses need DevOps engineers, NOW!

So instead of a guide, my message needed to be an URGENT call to action about the best online DevOps training…

The demand for IT operations staff with development skills is flooding the job market.

Are you getting what I am saying?

The DevOps Trend Is Happening Now!

I told you I would help you decide which training you needed to take. Pay close attention because here’s where it happens.


Take a close look at these 3 real DevOps jobs. What skills do you see repeated over and over? Those are the skill you need to build.


Stop wasting your time and money on random training courses that don’t add any real value to your skillset.

Click the job links below and make a list of the skills managers need.

DevOps (Cloud) System Engineer

Posted 2 days ago, Buffalo, NY
3+ years of DevOps or combined software development and system administration experience. The range and scope of duties for this position include architecting...

Automation/Controls Engineer

Posted 2 days ago, Geneva, NY
Position offers excellent compensation/benefits package and unlimited growth opportunities for experienced Automation Engineers....

Cloud Engineer

Posted 9 days ago, Pittsford, NY
We are seeking a Cloud Engineer at UTC Climate Controls and Security working with our DevOps team for a cloud product....


Now, that was just a teaser because there are plenty of DevOps jobs that you can search for nuggets to add to your training plan. In a moment I’m going to show you the rest of my system for targeting relevant training courses.

Can you do the work?

As a manager who has been hiring IT staff for years, I can say with total honesty that just being an average infrastructure admin is not enough to get my attention.

Even a VCP certification combined with a CIS or CE degree won’t get you to the top of my list anymore because everyone has CERTS and Degrees. I want skills that will get my servers and Apps built faster, and without human error!

With your skills, can you fill these needs?

  1. More and more businesses are getting bolder and need exceptional talent who can get them to the cloud faster. Do you have Google, AWS, or Azure cloud skills?
  2. And they need help getting their products to the market sooner. Do you have experience with the current DevOps toolchain?
  3. Managers are looking for SysAdmins who can script and automate! Do you have experience writing scripts that access an API?

I said unique talent (indispensable talent) because there are not many SysAdmins with OPS, DEV, and Cloud experience who can handle the 3 needs I just listed.

Opportunity is knocking.

In another recent post, I published called, How To Become A DevOps Engineer: Q&A Interview with Bobby Lopez, I go step by step through what it takes to be a DevOps Engineer.

Now I’m giving you the next step…

In this lesson, we’ll cover which skills to target now, and where to get the training online today.

Do you want to boost your salary 20, 30, 40, or even 50K per year? Don’t get me wrong, you will earn every dollar of it but the opportunity (truly) is knocking for the right people!

System For Customizing Your DevOps Training

Online DevOps Learning

I’m going to show you where to get 100s of hours of training videos and project files that will get you started, today.


And these quality training courses are not where you think they are (YouTube) and it won’t cost much to access them.


Yes. I said cost because you’ll need to invest in yourself if you want to become indispensable.


Trust me; it’s a small amount and worth it.


Because there’s a HUGE reward!

I’ve searched the Internet myself, and these are some of the best training videos online.

  • No advertisements.
  • No sales buttons.

Just rich content presented by professionals with real experience who will help you develop critical skills such as Ruby, REST, and JavaScript coding.


Best of all, Udemy has a 30-day money back guarantee. Although you can compare prices at CBT Nuggets and Pluralsight for what works best for you….


Here’s the step by step system.

1. Using the job search method I showed you above, find out which automation tools are getting used by the companies you’re interested in going to work for on a daily basis.


If you haven’t looked at the links I gave you above, look now. Examine these job descriptions and see what hiring managers want?


Are they looking for applicatants with Chef, Puppet, or Ansible experience?


2. Once you find out what tools are getting used in the real world, then set up a home lab using VirtualBox or one of the other hypervisors that run on your desktop.


3. And then when you’re ready to start your training check out the Udemy courses.


That’s right, Udemy has plenty of DevOps courses you can start with, and some are even free. The final step is to take action!


Best Automation TrainingBelow is a list of DevOps skills I Screen for in applicants:

  • Web Services: APIs, REST, SOAP, JSON
  • Cloud Services: Amazon, Google, Azure
  • GIT: GITHUB, Version Control, Source Code Management
  • Coding: Ruby, PERL, Python, Java, JavaScript
  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php
  • Windows DevOps: PowerShell, Hyper-V, SQL

Now, let’s begin with a few training course samples that interest me.

Best Online DevOps Training Videos

Sample Training Courses

Web Services & APIs

First, let’s look at a sample from the Foundations of Programming: Web Services course.

This video series is fascinating because it goes deep into APIs which are used in most web services but also used in appliances such as load-balancers, storage, and even VMware.

All these infrastructure services have web services built into them and allow tools like Chef to access them via an API.

OpenStack is another hot one that leverages APIs.

Web Service Testing using RestAssured & Apache HttpClient

As I said, these training videos are in-depth.

Here’s a list of topics this course includes:

  • Basic of RestFul Services
  • Using Postman for Testing
  • Deep Dive into Code
  • Advance Implementation
  • Http Client with SSL
  • Http Async Client
  • Query Parameter
  • Exporting the framework
  • Source Code
  • Introduction to RestAssured
  • Http GET method using RestAssured
  • Http POST method using RestAssured
  • Http PUT and DELETE method using RestAssured
  • Authentication using RestAssured
  • SSL with RestAssured
  • Handling the OAuth access token

Wow, 97 Lectures (10:30:44)

Lots of Examples!

Let’s keep going.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python

Here’s another video series I know is useful, Python 3 Essentials.

Why Python?

Because Python is a universal language used by configuration management tools and web service APIs.

Many Linux admins can script in BASH, but higher languages such as Python, Ruby, and PERL have more use.

The Python course is loaded with examples of what can be done with Python. Combine this power with Chef or Puppet, and you have something to add to your resume.

Complete Python Bootcamp Sample Video

The full Python course covers all these topics:

  • Python Setup
  • Python Object and Data Structure Basics
  • Python Comparison Operators
  • Python Statements
  • Methods and Functions
  • Milestone Project – 1
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Errors and Exceptions Handling
  • Milestone Project – 2
  • Modules and Packages
  • Built-in Functions
  • Python Decorators
  • Python Generators
  • Final Capstone Python Project
  • Advanced Python Modules
  • Advanced Python Objects and Data Structures
  • Bonus Material – Introduction to GUIs

Wow, 112 Lectures (12:50:47)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Now let’s get to the excellent stuff.

Cloud training on Amazon AWS Cloud.

I’m going to show you 2 more sample videos.

Each training course dives deep into using cloud and DevOps tools.

And there’s even training on Udemy for Azure.

The full Amazon course covers all these cloud topics:

  • AWS – 10,000 Feet Overview
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3, Glacier, and CloudFront
  • EC2 – The Backbone of AWS
  • Route53
  • Databases on AWS
  • VPC
  • Application Services
  • Kinesis

Wow, 113 Lectures (19:46:30)

The Complete DevOps Engineer Course 2.0 – Java & Kubernetes

This is a fantastic video course if your environment uses Docker.

Java & Kubernetes Sample Video

The full course covers all these topics:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Introduction to Java Conditionals
  • Introduction to Java Arrays
  • Programming Core Java
  • Working With Strings in Java
  • Working With Child Classes and Wildcards
  • Java Conclusion
  • Building Scaleable Web Applications
  • What is Docker?
  • What is Google Cloud Shell and Kubernetes
  • Working with Kubernetes and Google Container Engine
  • Clustering With Kubernetes – Project WordPress
  • Deep Dive Kubernetes – Project Guestbook Using PHP
  • Kubernetes – Conclusion

Wow, 117 Lectures (14:09:21)

Plenty more video courses for you!

These are only a few samples of the fantastic videos available; there are plenty more.

On Udemy there are hundreds of videos and project files you can use to tailor your DevOps training perfectly to match any job requirements.

I found this gold mine while researching another guide I published about the best VMware training for beginners.

How much does DevOps Training cost?

Here’s what is so special about these DevOps training videos.


First off, I know there are more expensive sites dedicated to offering DevOps training if that’s what you want…


…but what I found interesting was has all you need and if you watch for the discounts, you can pay $10 per course.


My goal on is to help Go-Getters get ahead, and this is a great deal while it lasts and you can cancel anytime you want and keep the courses you already purchased. You won’t find that benefit anywhere else.


You can go ahead and spend $1000s, but I’m telling you the courses I showed above are perfect for anyone getting started.


This is a tremendous opportunity that will help anyone develop into a DevOps or Cloud Engineer…


…and that’s where the excitement and money is!

Best Training For Anywhere

DevOps Training In Hyderabad Bangalore Pune Chennai Delhi

Do you live in a far away place that doesn’t have many places to get IT training? No problem because if you have Internet, then you can get DevOps training.


Udemy is the best DevOps training in:

  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Everywhere else!

Let’s Recap:

I created this guide because there is a huge need for people with DevOps skills.

The old way of building servers and deploying code one task at a time just doesn’t keep up with the speed of today’s global marketplace.

Go down the list of online training courses that can prepare you for a DevOps Engineer job.

Cloud Services:

  • Up and Running with Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon Web Services Data Services
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Data Storage
  • Amazon Web Services Essential Training
  • Up and Running on Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Storage and Data Essential Training
  • Google Cloud Compute Engine Essential Training
  • Understanding Microsoft Azure Core Functionalities
  • Up and Running with Azure Mobile Services
  • Up and Running with Azure
  • Using Windows Azure with Windows Store Apps

Linux and Web Services:

  • Up and Running with Linux for PHP Developers
  • Up and Running with Ubuntu Desktop Linux
  • Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Building Web Services with Java EE
  • Foundations of Programming: Web Services
  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Essential Training
  • Connecting Android Apps to RESTful Web Services
  • Up and Running with PHP: PEAR, PECL, and Composer


  • GitHub for Web Designers
  • Up and Running with Git and GitHub
  • Version Control for Everyone


  • Java, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, Python and more…

More VMinstall Guides About IT Training:

Get Started

Do you understand why the opportunity to take your career to the next level is knocking, now?


If you do, understand “THIS” it won’t last long…


Here’s why.


Because my system works and more SysAdmins around the globe are leveling-up their automation skills and learn CI/CD tools while you wait. Soon, it will become easy for hiring managers to find the unique abilities they seek and then you won’t have the advantage of being first. Yes, first!


Which is why you need to act now and start learning…


Click the link below and watch the sample DevOps video training offered on Udemy. Thanks for reading!



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