Huge Opportunity for Beginners: Online DevOps Training

DevOps Training

Become Indispensable!

“If you’re not indispensable (yet) it’s because you haven’t made that choice.”

Seth Godin ~

I set out to write another post but then I discovered how much opportunity is out there.

It’s pent up!

So my message needed to be URGENT…

For a while now I’ve written about the importance of service delivery, but the need is now!

The demand for IT operations staff with development skills is flooding the job market.

Are you getting what I am saying?

The trend is happening Now!

As a manager who has hired 5 IT staff in the last 6 months, I can say with total honesty just being an average infrastructure admin is not enough. Even a VCP certification combined with a CIS degree won’t get you to the top of the resume stack anymore because everyone has them.

Answer this question.

Can you fill this business need?

More and more businesses are getting bolder and need special talent who can get them to the cloud faster.

And they need help getting their products to the market sooner.

I said special talent (indispensable talent) because there are not many people with OPS, DEV, and Cloud experience who can handle the need.

Is this YOU?

If your answer is YES, then you are one of very few…

Opportunity is knocking.

In another recent post I published called, Finding The Elusive DevOps Engineer, I describe in detail 10 DevOps skills. Now I’m giving you the next step.

In this lesson we’ll cover which skills to target now, and where to get the training online today.

Do you want to boost your salary 20, 30, 40 or even 50K per year? Don’t get me wrong, you will earn every dollar of it but the opportunity (truly) is available!

Customize your own DevOps training course.

DevOps learning

I’m going to show you where to get 100s of hours of training videos and project files that will get you started, today.

And they’re not where you think they are (YouTube) and they won’t cost much to access them.

Yes. I said cost because you will need to invest in yourself if you really want to become indispensable.

Trust me, it’s a small amount and worth it.

Because there is a HUGE reward!

I’ve searched the Internet myself and these are some of the best training videos online.

  • No advertisements.
  • No sales buttons.

Just rich content presented by professionals who will help you develop key skills such as: Ruby, REST, and JavaScript coding.

Best of all, there’s even a 30 day money back trial.

Here’s an idea.

Find out which automation tools are used by the companies you are interested in.

You can do this by searching their career site, or on Indeed. Here’s a link to search for DevOps jobs.

Do they use Chef, Puppet or Ansible?

Once you find out what’s used then set up a home lab.

You can use VirtualBox and run it straight from your PC.

Then when you’re ready, start the free trial.

At the end of 10 days – even if you don’t subscribe – this will at least give you some new skills to add to your resume.

Where to start your training?

Below is a list of DevOps skills I know are valuable for beginners:

  • Web Services: APIs, REST, SOAP, JSON
  • Cloud Services: Amazon, Google, Azure
  • GIT: GITHUB, Version Control, Source Code Management
  • Coding: Ruby, PERL, Python, Java, JavaScript
  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php
  • Windows DevOps: PowerShell, Hyper-V, SQL

Let’s begin with a few training course samples that interest me.

Web Services & APIs

First, let’s look at a sample from the Foundations of Programming: Web Services course.

This video series is very interesting because it goes deep into APIs which are used in most web services but also used in appliances such as load-balancers, storage, and even VMware.

All these infrastructure services have web services built into them and allow tools like Chef to access them via an API.

Openstack is another hot one that leverages APIs.

Here’s a sample video of the web services training by David Gassner:

Like I said, these training videos are deep.

Here’s a list of topics this course includes:

  • What is a web service?
  • Understanding the available transfer protocols and message formats
  • Examining SOAP request and response formats
  • Creating a simple SOAP service in ASP.NET
  • Choosing a SOAP implementation
  • Associating REST actions with HTTP requests
  • Sending RESTful requests
  • Creating OData request URIs
  • Securing web services

Lots of Examples!

The Foundations of Programming: Web Services video course includes examples with a variety of server and client-based implementations.

There’s also coding excerpts in Java, JavaScript, C#, and PHP which are all key skills DevOps engineers should have.

Let’s keep going.


Here’s another video series I know is useful, Python 3 Essentials.

Why Python?

Because Python is a common language used by configuration management tools and web service APIs.

Many Linux admins can script in BASH but higher languages such as Python, Ruby and PERL have more use.

The Python course is loaded  with examples of what can be done with Python. Combine this power with Chef or Puppet and you really have something to add to your resume.

In this video Bill Weinman covers “Creating a sequence with a generator function.”

The full Python course covers all these topics:

  • A Python 3 quick start for experienced developers
  • Creating functions and objects
  • Using Python’s built-in objects and classes
  • Repeating code with loops and iterators
  • Understanding and using conditional expressions
  • Creating sequences with generators
  • Reusing code with objects and libraries
  • Handling errors with exceptions

Amazon AWS & Google Cloud Services

Now let’s get to the really good stuff.

Cloud training on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

I’m going to show you 2 more sample videos.

Each training course dives deep into using these clouds.

And there’s even training for Azure.

Up and Running with Amazon Web Services with Jon Peck

The full Amazon course covers all these cloud topics:

  • What is Amazon Web Services?
  • Understanding the AWS terminology
  • Exploring the foundation services
  • Using tools for managing and administration of AWS
  • Signing up for services
  • Launching and managing EC2 instances
  • Configuring the software development kit (SDK) with AWS credentials
  • Storing objects in Amazon S3
  • Pushing notifications
  • Managing the workflow

Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform with Joseph Lowery

The full Google course covers all these cloud topics:

  • Why Google Cloud Platform?
  • Deploying an app with Google App Engine
  • Activating and working with Google Cloud Storage
  • Loading, querying, and exporting data with BigQuery
  • Working with Cloud Storage buckets
  • Managing cloud-based private networks
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Scheduling backups
  • Working with Google Datastore


These are only a few samples, there’s plenty more.

On the site I’m going to give you there are hundreds of videos and project files you can use to tailor your DevOps training perfectly to match any job requirements.

I found this gold mine while doing research for another post I recently published about Online IT Training where I compared 5 alternative online training options.

How much does DevOps Training cost?

Here’s what is so special about this training option.

First off, there are other more expensive sites dedicated to offering DevOps training if that’s what you want…

…but what I found interesting was has almost all you need (minus Puppet & Chef) for $25 per month* or $37.50 per month if you want the premium service. *Prices may change.

My goal on is to help beginners get ahead and this is a great deal while it lasts and you can cancel it any time you want.

You can go ahead and spend $100s more but I’m telling you the courses I showed above are perfect for anyone getting started.

This is a huge opportunity that will help beginners develop into DevOps or Cloud Engineers…

…and that’s where the excitement and money is!

Example of my own membership email: DevOps training videos

Let’s Recap:

I created this post because there is a huge need for people with all these skills.

The old way of building servers and deploying code one task at a time just doesn’t keep up with the speed of today’s global market place.

Here’s a list of training video courses offers that can prepare you for DevOps.

Cloud Services:

  • Up and Running with Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon Web Services Data Services
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Data Storage
  • Amazon Web Services Essential Training
  • Up and Running with Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Storage and Data Essential Training
  • Google Cloud Compute Engine Essential Training
  • Understanding Microsoft Azure Core Functionalities
  • Up and Running with Azure Mobile Services
  • Up and Running with Azure
  • Using Windows Azure with Windows Store Apps

Linux and Web Services:

  • Up and Running with Linux for PHP Developers
  • Up and Running with Ubuntu Desktop Linux
  • Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Building Web Services with Java EE
  • Foundations of Programming: Web Services
  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Essential Training
  • Connecting Android Apps to RESTful Web Services
  • Up and Running with PHP: PEAR, PECL, and Composer


  • GitHub for Web Designers
  • Up and Running with Git and GitHub
  • Version Control for Everyone


  • Java, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, Python and more…

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