Best VMware Training For Beginners

VMware Training Videos for BeginnersDon’t Just Survive Thrive!

Best vSphere Training

 Where To Begin 

This page is about the best VMware course for beginners, and we discuss why you should start with basic vSphere training before spending thousands of dollars on expensive vendor labs…

Quick history lesson:

A lot has changed since the 90s when I was getting started.

VMware has been bought twice, first by EMC when they were a startup, and more recently Dell gobbled up EMC.

But don’t let that worry you because VMware technology continues to grow and they release new products all the time.

Listen to this: 

When I started my tech career, VMware was installed on a Windows 95 desktop; later it was installed on Windows servers. And before vSphere and ESXi, vhosts were all stand-alone servers called GSX server.

Wow, that was a long time ago…

SysAdmins with solid virtualization skills are important and the salary is still above average!

Here’s a VMware Admin Salary Graph from SimplyHired…

VMware Admin Salary

As you can see, vSphere administrators make an excellent salary, even as beginners.

If I was starting my career today as a vSphere Admin where would I begin?

Easy, vSphere is my starting point!

vSphere consists of the server hardware that hosts the virtual machines.

But what’s interesting is behind vSphere is not only virtual machine hosting but also the role of managing virtual and physical storage and networks.

There’s a lot to learn once you start digging into vSphere. At a minimum, you should be able to set up a vSphere from scratch, which includes several ESXi hosts, vCenter, storage, and networking.

These are the basics that will allow creating and administration of virtual machines. Then from vSphere, you can level-up your practical skills to vSAN, NSX, and software-defined data center.

This sounds pretty easy, right?

I was a help desk tech when I started, and since then, I’ve helped build and support almost a 1000 ESX hosts and nearly 10,000 VMs. I’ve remotely managed vSphere environments around the world and you can too with the right instructions…

Now let’s talk about VMware video training.

Most of what I’ve learned has been self-taught, and there was a time when I wore VCP certified as a badge of honor. I even wrote and published a Kindle book called VCP for Hire.

To get the CERT I had to attend a unique course only offered by VMware – otherwise, even if I passed the test, it wouldn’t count because my class wasn’t the “Official” VMware brand.

BTW, this requirement hasn’t changed, but let me be honest about vSphere and certifications.

You don’t need a VCP6 CERT to become a vSphere administrator. Nor do you need to attend unique course costing $4,000 for a one-week boot camp.


If you want, you can download a trial version of vSphere and set up a lab for almost free.

And there are plenty of YouTube videos available to get you started.

But if you want more than to just scratch the surface, then I recommend spending a few dollars on Udemy and getting full step by step vSphere video that will give you vSphere skills that’ll land you a serious VMware Administrator job.

Even if you’re just handling daily operations tasks on the virtual machines, you’re still learning valuable vSphere skills. Before I ever installed ESXi, I got good at installing and supporting WorkStation and building virtual machines in a lab.

On Udemy you can find online video courses for all VMware products. And these videos are created by people with real experience.

  1. Do you want to learn how to setup vSphere, YES, there are videos?
  2. Do you want to learn how to setup NSX, YES, there are videos?
  3. Do you want to learn how to setup and configure vCenter, YES, there are videos?

Yes, there’s a video course title for to all of the above!

VMware Training Videos

Everything You Need To Learn So You Can Earn More

VMware vSphere 6 Administration

 Over 770 Students Enrolled (89 Videos) 

Read 100s of Reviews

 Let’s look at the list of “Bestselling” VMware learning you can get on Udemy:

online vmware training reviews

As you can see, any VMware technology you want to learn about has a complete step by step video series.

You can get low-cost VMware training for any product VMware offers.

And best of all these are high-quality videos that take you step by step through setting up vSphere.

Udemy is perfect for beginners with a Go-Getter desire to learn on a small budget.

My Udemy account is loaded with video course titles about vSphere, DevOps, MySQL, scripting, big data, and more…

I’m always watching for the deals and investing in my future because I want always to be growing and learning new skills.

You never know what new opportunities are around the corner.

Are you in a help desk job or just out of school and you don’t have experience, but you want to learn how to setup and manage vSphere because you’ve seen friends or associates get promoted?

You can do it, too…

I was in the very same place when I started, but I had to spend thousands of dollars on my VMware training.

Today on Udemy you can get started in a few minutes learning the newest version of vSphere by a seasoned professional.

Then if you want to get certified, you can pay for official VMware course and the test will be more straightforward because you’re not starting from zero.

It gets better:

Along with the best VMware course online, you can also search Udemy for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V and develop skills in another HOT virtual technology.

Here are examples of Windows 2016 Hyper-V training.

Cheap Hyper V Training

I guarantee you’ll find videos for something you want to learn. So go ahead and dive in and start learning vSphere.

Where To Get Online VMware Training?

VMware Learning The OLD Way…

Official VMware Training

Did you know most of today’s “Official” VMware courses are held online?Expensive VMware Training

To enroll in a course, click the button below which will open a window for the VMware Store where you can browse the list of VMware offered courses. You’ll also be able to buy credits and schedule certifications testing.

  • Limited Availability
  • Limited Locations
  • High Training Cost – $4125
  • Limited Instructor Lead (Most Classes Are Remote)
  • Unexpected Cancellations
  • NOT refundable if you cancel or change the class less than 10 business days before the date

VMware Learning The NEW Way…

VMware Training Udemy

The Average Person Can SAVE $4000 Per Course When They Use UdemyLow Cost Udemy

The perfect vSphere learning option to get your feet wet. Click the button below to see all the affordable VMware training options you’ll have on Udemy.

  • Easy to sign up (Pay with PayPal)
  • Keep the course you paid for forever
  • Log in and learn anytime you want
  • Classes are frequently updated with new materials
  • Interact with instructor and students
  • 30 day 100% money back Guarantee
  • Read course reviews before you buy
  • Watch sample videos for free

P.S. Other FAQs

  • Does Udemy charge a monthly subscription fee? No
  • Does Udemy charge when courses are updated with new content? No
  • What is Udemy? Udemy is an education service that offers lessons taught by real-world professional on just about any topic. 
  • Can I cancel my Udemy account if I don’t like it? Yes, and you can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up for a course.
  • Does Udemy have a mobile app? Yes, you can download the mobile app for Android and Apple phone.
  • Does Udemy offer any discounts? Yes, on occasion you can find holiday and special discount prices on most courses.
  • Does Udemy offer corporate accounts? Yes, click the button to read more…

 Still Not Sure Which VMware Training Is Best For You? 

Unless you plan to get your VCP certification right away, then the BEST Value for VMware learning is on Udemy.

You can learn vSphere and then level-up your skills to vSAN, NSX, Horizon, and Software Defined Data Center.

You’ll quickly build new skills that will open new opportunities and increase your salary.

VMware Course Titles You Can Get For a Fraction of the Cost

  •  VMware vSphere 6 Administration  89 Videos, 9.5 Hours of Training ($50)
  •  Learn VMware NSX 6.2: Fundamentals  97 Videos, 11 Hours of Training ($45)
  •  VMware ESXi and vSphere Admin Tutorial  53 Videos, 6.5 Hours of Training ($50)
  •  VMware vSphere 6: (#2VO-620) – Foundation Certification Prep  87 Videos, 9 Hours of Training ($50)
  •  Udemy Member Community  (Priceless…)

Total Value: 326 Videos, 36 Hours of Training ($195)

Or you can pay $4125?

Learn New Skills. 100% Risk-Free.

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