10 Best Blockchain Jobs Near You (Perfect Match For DevOps Skills)

Why The Best Blockchain Jobs Are Going To Require DevOps Skills

We’ll cover the best Blockchain jobs in a minute but first, let me ask – Have you tried accessing any of the sluggish crypto exchanges lately?


The top cryptocurrency websites are posting notices that their services are backlogged and slow due to a flood of new accounts.

Hmm… Cryptocurrency isn’t new, Bitcoin has been around since 2009. Yet, something big is going on that’s caused a surge of investor to start buying Bitcoin and Altcoins such at Ethereum and Litecoin

What changed in the last 3 months of 2017 that’s all of the sudden crushing websites with so much traffic?

They’re calling it FOMO (fear of missing out), but I think a disruption is happening that is going to create a lot of career opportunities…

Blockchain Jobs Guide

In this guide, we’re going zip over a lot of important technical topics about the Blockchain.

First, we’ll try to answer the question posed above, as well as dive into what I think are going to become the best blockchain jobs for you to research for your next career move.

From there we’ll dip into what we’ve discussed regarding DevOps on more than one occasion; you’ll see how these exceptional skills are staged to start paying off big.

Then in the wrap-up, for beginners, I’ll share a few videos that cover what cryptocurrency is and how the blockchain network operates.

Now, let’s get going…

How To Use CoinBase

If you’re standing on the sideline wondering where your next job is going to be maybe joining one of the new blockchain technology companies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Coinbase should be your next career move.

Do you have what it takes? If you’ve been paying attention for the last year to my career advice you do…

Blockchain Paradigm Shift

Cryptocurrency services that use blockchain technology all need the smartest technicians who can think outside the box because what many of these new companies that are sprouting up around blockchain are doing is not the mainstream.

What I mean is the old school approach to networking, data, and security is being disrupted by new methods and a completely different mindset of transmitting data securely over the web. In essence, a paradigm shift in the old way of the day-to-day.

It’s not easy for even a seasoned IT professional to understand what is going on behind the scene of the blockchain; what’s the value or what problems does blockchain solve, right?

Then we have bunches of non-technical news analysts reporting minute by minute which blockchain companies are the best based only on the Bitcoin value of a companies cryptocurrency.

This misunderstanding is a problem in itself, and may cause you to fear a career in blockchain because what if crypto doesn’t pan out? Understood. But what if it does?

Other Paradigm Shifts

I remember when many people in the mid-80s looked at the PC or Mac and asked the same questions. Fast forward to today, and you’re probably reading this guide from your Mac or PC…

That doesn’t mean you’ll be buying groceries or paying rent or utilities with crypto-coins shortly. But maybe on a larger scale, banks and other prominent financial organizations could find improved and cheaper ways to exchange funds which is what one company named Ripple is suggesting.

Will Ripple really save banks millions or billions of dollars in fees and speed up the transaction process by 10x?

Let me answer this question with another question that might help you to see the bigger picture.

Did replacing the typewriter with the PC create more jobs and improve the world?

I’m going to share a YouTube video I found. It’s a bit old and doesn’t talk about investing, but you should watch it because it goes into the technical deep end of Ripple.

My point for showing you this video interview with David Schwartz, the Chief Cryptographer of Ripple in 2015, was to redirect your mindset away from the buzz about trading crypto coins and show you what smart people are doing behind the scene.

Unfortunately, as I said, most news channels will miss this in their analysis of what is happening in the technology space. But on VMinstall, I’m not here to rave about which crypto coins are the best investment. Like always, I’m here to help anyone looking for career opportunities in technology to see where the trends are going.

The Best Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain technology from my perspective solves many legacy problems as discussed in the video above, but from my experience, shiny new objects create new problems.

Hence, opportunities for new innovative jobs will emerge that help to solve problems that are going to be caused by the cryptocurrency disruption.

Here’s a first-hand example I saw happen 20 years ago when VMware disrupted the server hardware market with virtualization in the 90s. But not only was the server hardware market changed but the wave also caused problems with storage, networking, and security that created new opportunities to fix all these problems and new jobs for people to learn. To this day, some enterprises are still impacted by the disruption caused by virtualization.

As I said, we’re already seeing most of the big crypto exchanges posting notices on their site because of vast amounts of traffic to their signup pages. And this is a small problem that doesn’t account for the new and unknown issues that I guarantee are coming…

How To Use Coinmama

Here are some questions that come to my mind about the Blockchain:

  1. Is the old way of building and supporting data services going to change to account for all the new algorithms are used in the blockchain?
  2. If you answered yes, then what does this mean for the traditional way of building databases, storage platforms, backup and DR solutions?
  3. How does this change the current status-quo for DBA and Sysadmins who support infrastructure both on-premise and in the cloud?
  4. How about the changes that are going to happen on legacy networks and security infrastructures that are not optimal for fast moving and always changing protocols?
  5. Is the current way of architecting infrastructure still going to work for all the new companies that are flowing into the market with new innovative ideas for using decentralized networks to secure data in their blockchains or technologies?
  6. What does this mean to how networks and security are currently designed and configured?
  7. How will the jobs for network and cyber security engineers change over the next few years to accommodate new use cases and protocols?

I know I’m asking more questions right now than providing answers to but the reality that has hit me is this wave of change is going on right under our noses. And if you’re not preparing for disruption then you’ll be standing outside when the riptide starts devastating technology-driven markets.

DevOps And Blockchain Jobs Are A Match Made In Heaven

And now for the best part of this guide…

For years I’ve been raving about DevOps and now I’m going to predict that having the best team of DevOps engineers who understand infrastructure automation and coding are going to be in the highest sought-after talent for blockchain companies.

Boom! Go ahead and read that again and let it sink in…

If you’re a DevOps engineer, then I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments and willingness to train yourself on all the apps that make up the DevOps toolchain. The pay off is about to get real!

This will be especially true for the new startups that are 100% cloud-based and need people who understand how to design, build, support, and scale cloud resources for new blockchain applications.

And let’s not forget that the DevOps CI/CD model fits perfect for scaling new cryptocurrency applications that are currently rolling out across 1000s of new blockchain networks.

But that’s not all, having DevOps staff who have coding and development skills will allow quick bug fixing during the SDLC to speed applications to the market before the competition.

Best of all, blockchain jobs are a tremendous opportunity for DevOps engineers because you’ll join new startups at the ground level and hopefully get stock options.

Many of the new leaders in cryptocurrency space such as Ripple, Cardano, and ChainLink were no-name companies a few weeks ago. Now, these names are all over the news and Youtube.

Many more companies like these have exploded overnight into the limelight and are reeling from the popularity on the crypto-exchanges because their solutions help solve existing or emerging problems.

Blockchain Jobs Near Me

Now that we’ve covered a few of the basics I want to show you some of the best blockchain jobs listed on Indeed that are waiting to be filled by you.

Content Writing Internship

Posted 13 days ago, Delhi, Delhi
Candidates with the knowledge of blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency are preferable. You can trade and we are doing something new for blockchain industry....

Graphic Design Internship

Posted 8 days ago, Delhi, Delhi
KryptoMoney publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and upcoming ICOs. About the company:....

Content Writing Internship

Posted 14 days ago, Delhi, Delhi
KryptoMoney publishes latest news and updates about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and upcoming ICOs. About the company:....

I doubt we’ll find many of the old traditional Dev and Ops positions listed because most new companies that are creating blockchain solutions need cutting-edge skills for their innovative technologies.


See more blockchain startup jobs like these…

Blockchain For Beginners

If you’re not sure what the blockchain is then I’m going to suggest you take some time to watch this free Udemy training that covers cryptocurrency, how blockchain works, blockchain mining and investing.

My recommendation, for now, is to focus more on understanding the emerging changes that are coming to technology versus learning how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Here are videos for you to start with then you can visit Udemy for the full course.

What is s Cryptocurrency?

What is the Bitcoin Network?

How does the Bitcoin Blockchain Network Work?

This Free Bitcoin course will cover the basics then you can also see what other classes are worth investing in to learn DevOps.

I also suggest reading this guide on the best DevOps training for beginners in case you are a SysAdmin wondering about DevOps.

However, what you’ll learn in this Bitcoin training is how different the IT world is becoming.

The disruption is happening slowly and getting you up-to-speed with relevant DevOps skills to give you the advantage is my goal.

Later, you can watch the training again to learn how to set up a CoinBase, CoinMama, and Binance accounts for investing in cryptocurrency.

Do you have what it takes to work on the Blockchain?

I know we covered the basics in this guide on the best blockchain jobs, but if you were listening, then you see why I am recommending ramping up on your DevOps engineer training as quickly as possible if you intend to join the rush towards the future.

My goal here is to show you where I think the trends for innovative jobs are going to be and not to promote any particular cryptocurrency because right now nobody can really say who will still be around when the dust starts to settle. Although I can guarantee that just like with VMware and virtualization – the market will change.

There is a lot of money (literally billions of US dollars) riding on winning the crypto race and thus the opportunity for a fantastic blockchain job is more real than ever, especially for DevOps engineers.

Please share this guide on social media and feel free to comment.

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