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How To Hire An IT Manager Who Will Get It Done, 24x7x365 (FREE Hiring Kit With Tough & Insightful Interview Questions)

IT Manager interview questionsLooking to hire an IT Manager?

This hiring kit will give you the guidance needed to hire the right IT Manager, the first time.

Use this kit as-is or adapt it to your organization’s need. And you can tune it to fit into an ITIL or a DevOps driven operation.

Best of all, it will help you avoid a costly $$$ hiring mistake.

IT Manager: Job Roles

Let’s begin with a list of our jobs so you can see all of the hats we wear:

  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Incident Manager
  • Problem Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • DevOps (Automation) Manager
  • Cloud Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager

And this list doesn’t include the other technical jobs we do like: Systems Admin, Storage Admin, and Network Admin – just to name a few.

Here’s what this hiring kit covers:

  • Salary
  • Personality
  • Skills
  • Training
  • Interview Questions
  • Job Description

Let’s begin with how-much(?)

IT Manager: Salary

The national average salary for an IT Manager according to is $104K per year and ranges from $40K to $185K. >> Continue Reading

30 Linux Interview Questions That Will Help You Find & Hire Rock Star Admins: Passion Pays Off Big! (Read Now)

devops interview questionsDid you know 2015 was the year of the Linux Admin?

“Employers are hungrier than ever for Linux talent.”

That’s what a report from Dice says.

Dice also thinks a whooping 97% of IT Managers are still interviewing Linux admins.

You know:

I agree with Dice about 2015…

…but I also see the Linux Wave growing more in 2016.

Especially if you are recruiting talent for cloud projects or DevOps.

In the next few minutes I’m going to share what I’ve learned  over the last 2 years while interviewing and hiring 3 DevOps Engineers and 2 Linux Admins.

But first let me set the right expectation.

I’ve sat through quite a few interviews from both sides of the hiring process…

…as the interviewer and as the interviewed.

In both scenarios, it hasn’t always been a good experience – especially when I felt the interview panel was not prepared, or they were just testing for technical skills and experience by asking all technical related questions. >> Continue Reading

10 Tough Incident Manager Interview Questions (Download)

incident management interview questions

I was on my way to lunch when I got the call…

When things break you need someone on the bridge call who not only understands protocol but they also have the skills and experience under their belt to drive the investigation in the right direction, and to closure.

Putting the pieces back together!

Incident response is extremely important, which is why incident managers are a must-have for companies that have 24/7/365 web services that host online environments where millions of users (or customers) are impacted by a single device going offline.

Think for a moment about the impact to customers if the website for your bank account, online school, or even Amazon were to go offline. HUGE!

I’ve worked in places where downtime was measured in dollars, not minutes. And let me also tell you there isn’t anything to compare to the STRESS of being on a bridge call with VIPs having amygdala hijacks every 5 minutes! >> Continue Reading

25 VMware Interview Questions: Tough & Technical (Download)

VMware Interview Questions and answers

Hello and welcome to VMinstall. In this post I’ll share a list of 25 VMware interview questions that I have crafted to screen for the best talent to manage and support VMware vSphere.

Why is my list any different from the hundreds of others on the web?

Well, first of all, it’s not a VCP test brain-dump…

Secondly, these interview questions are carefully crafted to narrow the talent pool to the most qualified, not the most memorized.

These interview questions require hands on experience to answer!

VMware Technical Interview Questions

The list of questions below is intentionally broken up into 5 groups:

  1. System Requirements for ESXi 5.5
  2. ESXi 5.5 Installation
  3. System Requirements for vCenter
  4. vCenter Installation
  5. Managing vSphere Resources

These 5 groups will test for technical proficiency that an experienced VMware administrator will [or should have].

The list is also what I use when interviewing someone at an administrator level who will manage the day-to-day support, build, and provisioning of:

  • vCenter
  • ESXi hosts
  • virtual servers
  • virtual networks
  • virtual storage

Note: This list of questions may also be used for screening vSphere Engineers or Architects. >> Continue Reading

DevOps Interview Questions & Mindset


DevOps Mindset

I’m glad you found this page.

You’re obviously here because you are looking for good DevOps interview questions.


Great news, I’ll offer my thoughts and 3 questions (and follow-up Qs).

Each question will include an explanation that can help get you into the right frame of mind for what you need to look for in prospects with the best skills and mindset.

DevOps Interview Questions

First of all, let’s understand something.

DevOps Engineers and Admins are not really job titles…

…and if you’ve spent much time researching, DevOps is not a team; it’s a culture and/or philosophy for improving IT service delivery.

A good resource for this is DevOps Cafe (Damon Edwards & John Willis).

Finding the right type of talent for a DevOps environment (culture) will take more than finding the sharpest Linux or development talent.

DevOps Question #1 – Teamwork

Provide an example of your greatest technical accomplishment where you worked together with a team to solve a difficult problem? >> Continue Reading

3 Tough Technical Project Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Technical Project Manager Interview Questions

What is a Technical Project Manager?

The short answer: a project manager with deep technical understanding.

Now let me go deeper and explain the difference in having a technical project manager (TPM) versus just any project manager (PM) on your team.

The biggest difference is their technical aptitude for understanding data center construction, server, network and storage configurations…

…and the fact many technical project managers have hands on experience, which helps them understand the complexity of most project tasks.

Bottom-line, a TPM (aka IT PM) will apply best practices vs. best efforts.

Choose carefully…

Far too often PMs with [very little or no] technical background get tossed into a technical project and then flounder around confused or add to the chaos.

It’s already going to be a challenge getting the work done [for say a data center migration] but then add someone to the mix who only knows PMP principles and the game will be on reporting RED status updates for months. >> Continue Reading

Becoming a DevOps Engineer: A Personal Interview with Bobby Lopez (8 Questions & Answers)


Some experts say they’re a ‘myth’ while others will go as far as to call them Unicorns…Do DevOps Engineers exist?

If you do a search on the topic you’ll find more questions than answers. So instead of just sharing another opinion I decided to link up with a DevOps Engineer and do a little Q&A. Enjoy!

DevOps EngineerJ. Bobby Lopez a.k.a. DevOps Engineer

Welcome Bobby and thank you for being our guest on VMi. We appreciate you taking time to share your story. We’re also very excited to learn what it took to earn this illusive career role.

Let’s get started with our interview.

1. Who is Bobby Lopez?

I work as a DevOps Engineer at Ethoca, a brilliant financial services company at the forefront of electronic fraud prevention.

My own story extends back over fifteen years, where I’ve served as a Senior Build and  Release Engineer at RBC Capital Markets in Toronto; along with several lead roles in support, operations, tools development that also included business intelligence during an eight-year tenure at VMware Inc. >> Continue Reading

3 Interview Prep Questions You Should Practice Answering

Interview Prep Questions

Interview Practice Questions

These non-technical interview prep questions may seem easy (or even unimportant for Virtualization Engineers or Admins), but you’d be surprised how many people blow an interview because they are not prepared to answer them without setting off warning flares.

Rehearse Until You Don’t Ramble

Don’t end up rambling on and on during an interview and giving the interviewer(s) the ammunition they need to dig deeper into a bad answer.

A good interview answer may have 1 or 2 follow-up questions, but a bad or open-ended answer may have 5 or more follow-up questions and will lead the interviewer down a path you don’t want them going.

When this happens the interviewers are no longer concerned with completing their interview because NOW they are making sure the wrong person doesn’t end up hired.

If you have given the interviewer something in your first few answers that has already set off warning flares, you can bet from there on the interview will not follow the prepared set of questions. >> Continue Reading

20 Questions VMware Newbies Want Answered (Free Career Guide)

You’re here because you want answers, right?

This starter guide is for VMware newbies and beginners who want answers to common career questions.

In this guide I answer 20 of the most common questions I get sent to me via emails. Or that I’ve heard as a manager during the many of the interviews I’ve conducted.

Here’s the list of questions I answer in detail:

  1. Where do I start my VMware career?
  2. How much will it cost to get a VCP?
  3. What salary can I expect to earn as a VMware admin?
  4. Do you need to know everything about VMware products to land a job?
  5. Is there an alternative to VMware I can learn?
  6. Is there a certification and training for Openstack?
  7. Can you expect to earn the same salaries as with a VMware job if you chose to learn Openstack?
>> Continue Reading

Why Storage Engineer Skills Are HOT! (Can You Say Big Data?)

storage engineer3 BIG Skills New Storage Engineers Should Master ASAP…

Behind every successful business is data, lots of data. And behind all that data are lots and lots of gigabytes of storage.

Pick any of the more recent success stories: Airbnb, Uber, SpaceX, and you’ll find there are petabytes of data constantly getting crunched by Big Data algorithms.

Guess who’s behind the technical scene making sure all the data crunching is going on without any interruptions – THAT’S RIGHT – storage engineers (A.K.A. SAN Engineer)!

In this lesson we’ll go over 3 critical jobs many storage engineers do behind the scene that most CEOs don’t know are happening. We’ll break each job down into skillsets and as a bonus I’ll share related tough storage engineer interview questions you can use…


First off, let me be fair to hard-working storage engineers across the world because there are a lot of jobs they handle daily that nobody else can do. >> Continue Reading

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